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Overalls overall: A style guide on how to wear your overalls this fall season

By: Emily Taylor Photo Credits: Marcella Baietto

Overalls: the must-have essential every girl needs in her closet this autumn. Not only are they the perfect blend of comfort and style but can be dressed to fit any look.

These casual one-pieces, a 90s classic, were known for their comfort and convenience. Thankfully, the frumpy, shapeless design of this article is a thing of the past. Though we still get the comfy quality of overalls today, we’ve moved on to a more flattering look – form-fitting overalls of various washes and cuts.

Hunting for that perfect pair can take some time. Free People, American Eagle, Madewell, and Forever 21 are just some of the stores I have found most helpful throughout my search.

Before purchasing a pair, I have a few recommendations to bear in mind. The most important step is to simply try them on. Look in the mirror and check off a few things. Ensure they fit your legs as you like, whether they be tight for a sharp look, or loose to achieve a casual vibe. Also be aware of the pants’ cut. I personally enjoy a cuffed jean, while others like a fitted, ankle-gripping length.

Next on the checklist is the fit of the waist. Find a pair that isn’t uncomfortably tight but that don’t make you look like you’re swimming in the outfit either. Observe the waistline of the pants, making sure it is actually gripping your waist and not your stomach or legs. Next is the inspection of the overalls’ straps. The straps must provide you proper movability to go about your day, while not falling off your arms or hugging them too tightly. These steps will allow you to achieve that modern and fitted look, while also maintaining the comfy appeal they are so popular for.

When it comes to overalls I tend to try out a variety of looks and style them however I may be feeling that day. With that said, I have put together a few overall outfit ideas to correspond with whatever style fits you best, whether it be edgy, bohemian, or sporty. I hope you enjoy the looks I’ve described below and find at least that one that suits you!

Fall Frenzy

I pair my overalls with a light, quarter sleeve turtle neck for the first example. Throwing a flannel around my waist and slipping on my favorite pair of booties creates a look perfect for any fall day. Add a tan, brimmed hat and I am ready to hit the city.


Boho Chic

Nothing says bohemian quite like an off-the-shoulder shirt. Placing this underneath my overalls establishes an effortlessly flirty look. To top off the outfit, I wear a floppy felt hat, greatly needed to block out that Arizona sun still shining bright in November. I also have on a comfortable black wedge to give me some height.


Street Stunner

I transform my bohemian outfit into one for all my street style gals with two simple steps. I throw a black leather jacket over my shoulders and switch out my shoes for a more edgy pair of block heels. Another rendition of the outfit could be pairing it with a choker and pair of motor boots.


Sideline Sporty

This next look is meant for all the football fans out there. This outfit allows me to be chic, while still supporting the team. I pair my overalls with a baggy ASU t-shirt I cut to better fit my size and style. I of course also wear a “Devils” cap and throw up my pitch fork. Any type of spirit-wear you have can be used to achieve this easy look. I also recommend slipping on your favorite pair of converse to ensure you are as comfortable as possible while being in that energetic student section of the games


Simple and Sweet

This last look is perfect for those days when you quickly need something cute and comfortable. I match my overalls with a cozy black and white striped sweater to keep me warm during those chillier autumn days. I also throw my hair in a high pony and put on my glasses to complete the ensemble. Though I’m wearing a heeled bootie, a tennis shoe or ballet flat would be perfect for this look as well.


These are just a few examples of how I style my overalls. I’m always thinking of new ways to wear them and find inspiration everywhere. I hope you liked the outfits and even try some of the looks for yourself!


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