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Paris Fashion Week | Recap of Sept 27 Shows

Paris Fashion Week started on Tuesday and struts the runway onto its third consecutive day.  Balenciaga, Carven, Balmain, Nina Ricci and Lanvin all brought diverse styles to the runway, but they all maintain the black and white color predominance within their spring season collections.  


Intricate and stiff ruffles along the edge of the skirts were the focus of Balenciaga’s pieces. A short-ruffled skirt overlapped an asymmetrical long skirt. Nude Bostonian-style booties delicately accented the leg. A simple long necklace with a pendant is paired with this signature look, but the accessory focus are gold rings around every finger. Hair is straight and softly pulled back into a half hairdo. Makeup is natural emphasizing neutral shades of browns and pinks.


Goodbye skinny pants- ok, maybe not absolutely, but the spring season and Balmain welcome big pants paired with oversized jackets, or in this case a broad shoulder, oversized blazer emphasizing the waist with a belt and a short midriff crop top. A drastic change from colorful, skinny jeans to pants that are a little larger in the crotch area that stay within the realms of black and white colors.


The naughty, yet sophisticated schoolgirl look thrived in Carven’s designs for the upcoming season. Uniquely small knitted sweaters cut upward to show the midriff area is paired up with a collar-out-of-sweater look. The high waist skirt follows the symmetry of the upward-cut knitted sweater. Well cut, tailored designs were of utter sophistication in his collection.

Nina Ricci

Nina Ricci demonstrated that this upcoming season is all about combining different textures, and of course, reintroducing the classic fishnet tights. Being coquette, but at the same time fierce is revealed through a silky, romantic length pencil skirt and a big-sleeve button up collar-less shirt. Makeup is accent  the eyes, using thicker black eyeliner and eye shadows.


Asymmetry; broad shoulders; mixing of colors to black and white; dresses that ceased to accent the waist in the most flattering way is what best describes Lanvin’s collection. What was done to one side was not done to the other, giving the look a bold and edgy eloquence.

Astrid Verdugo

Photo Credits: Balenciaga // Balmain // Carven // Nina Ricci // Lanvin


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