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Parisian Inspired Skincare Regimes

As The Chic Daily team anxiously prepares for summer, I can’t help take a deeper look into how I’m preparing for mine. Once finals are over I’m jetting off for well-deserved, relaxing and stress-free week alone in Paris – with my only commitment being to the Louvre and espresso. Summer is also the most important time of the year to give extra care to your skin, especially for Parisians.

Skin is after all one of woman’s most important organs and pride of Parisian woman, who always look effortless and chic. Facials and regular spa visits are just as necessary as manicures to us American girls. Even their life pace is different, with most of the country shutting down for two hours every afternoon for a naps. No wonder their skin looks so good. Here are three tips Parisian girls live by when it comes to keeping skin glowing and healthy for summer and beyond:

Eau (Yes, that means water, ladies)

It’s no surprise this is number one. If you’re sick of hearing this one by now, don’t be. Water gives life to everything – especially your skin. Parisian women are very animate on drinking water throughout the day and always staying hydrated. Never leave home without water – San Pellegrino even comes in plastic bottles now if you’re feeling extra natural and European.

The Chic Daily, Fashion Journalist Club, Parisian Skin Care, Kortney Tenaglia

You Deserve the Best

Find the best you can afford when it comes to choosing your skin care regiment – your skin is worth it. Parisian women spend whole shopping days looking for the best products for their skin. I know Clinique products are a favorite among Parisians and myself. I use this three-step system that lasts months. Wash your face every morning and night – never ever go to bed with makeup on. And of course, never skip moisturizing.

The Chic Daily, Fashion Journalist Club, Parisian Skin Care, Kortney Tenaglia

Keep it Light

When you have gorgeous skin, you don’t need makeup. Parisian women aim to keep their skin glowing so they have nothing to hide. Parisians usually pair a tinted moisturizer with SPF with a light foundation. They stick to natural colored lips, a little mascara and even a cat-eye makeup when feeling extra daring. Their philosophy of au natural is the way to be – and I couldn’t agree more.

For more French-inspired beauty tips, read this. It’s a must-have for so many reasons.

The Chic Daily, Fashion Journalist Club, Parisian Skin Care, Kortney Tenaglia

Kortney Tenaglia

Photo Credits: itzi design // Girl Fridays // Cafe Makeup


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