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Perrie Edwards’ fashion through the years: Practice makes perfect

By Kara Nido

Fashion is constantly moving. One day a trend is in, and the next day it’s old news. Celebs are under constant scrutiny for what they wear. Confidence is what really matters when one is on the red carpet or in front of the flashing lights of paparazzi.

Queen of confidence, Perrie Edwards of international girl band, Little Mix, knows just what to wear to accentuate her beautiful curves. But Perrie, like many of us in our early years, had to experiment to find a style that fit and expressed her personality.

Finding the perfect style has its ups and downs. We all have a few hit-or-miss fashion choices in our lives.

 We have to face this fashion world together!



Pictured above is young Perrie at the BRIT Awards back in 2012. This was Little Mix’s first time attending the BRIT’s.

She wore a simple black, velvet mini dress – nothing too bold. Her shoes were the talk of the red carpet. From her smile, I can’t detect a single hint of nervousness!



Flash forward a year later to 2013 and Perrie was spotted in lilac glory. The pale pastel look was pretty mainstream at the time, and the flower child aesthetic was in its rise.

This super short dress by Natalia Kaut was retailed at $1707!

Again, I truly believe simplicity is her calling. Losing the flower headband and slipping on a pair of thigh highs would definitely make this look cute for 2017.



Now let’s take it to the stage. I absolutely love this look on Perrie.

The high-waisted pants, leather cuffs on the wrists and belt give Perrie a wonderfully edgy look. It’s become apparent bright pops of color suit her skin’s milky complexion.

2014 was the start of a new era for girl group, Little Mix, as they just started to catch attention. Here, Perrie was at the opening night of Demi Lovato’s Neon Lights tour.

It crazy how time flies; Demi was nominated for a Grammy just a month ago!



2016 was the year Perrie found her niche. She looks absolutely divine in this Sergio Hudson dress. The soft ivory simply makes her glow!

I’m sure the attendees of the 2016 Glamour Awards felt they were in the presence of a princess. With this fashion look, you’d think she’d never overstep a fashion boundary again.



Today, Perrie is serving glam look after glam look. She knows what works and what doesn’t, but we of course can’t forget to thank her stylists.

As of now, 23-year-old Perrie is the queen of trying out new looks. She never goes for the same style! She can go from bohemian to sleek or pristine to edgy.

Celebrities are extremely influential. Perrie Edwards, being from a powerful pop, girl group, is looked up to by girls all over the world.

It’s amazing that she walks onto the red carpet with a bright smile on her face. Confidence is everything when you’re wearing looks critics might be iffy about. This is just the jump everyone has to take with fashion, though.

As I said, there are always hits and misses in the fashion world. The challenge is in taking the plunge.

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