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Pet Costumes: A Trick or A Treat?

Dressing up your furry friends for Halloween is not only fun, but also trendy and easy. With such a vast array of options, from Superman to Snooki to devils and dinosaurs, the possibilities are endless. Pet costumes, especially for dogs, are gaining popularity and for a multitude of reasons. The costumes are inexpensive and can even be handmade, people can coordinate costumes to match their pets, and the costumes are cute and funny.

This year, I am dressing up my six-month-old Yorkshire terrier as a princess. This will be her first time experiencing the holiday of treats; the trick for me will be keeping the costume on her all night.

Check out these costumes:

1. Superman- $3.59-5.22/piece:


Picture Courtesy of

2. Snooki- $31.89 (on sale now for $22.32):

Photo courtesy of

3. Mermaid Cat Costume- Price not listed:


Photo courtesy of Petco

4. Hot Diggity Dog Costume- $19.99:

Photo courtesy of

5. The Wizard of Oz Dorothy Costume- $13.86:

Photo courtesy of

6. Devil Costume for Kitties- $10.95:

Photo courtesy of

And last but not least, here is my Yorkie pup in her Halloween get-up!


By: Justine Petersen


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