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PFW: Luxury and Couture Night

By Jackson Dorsey & Lerman Montoya

Phoenix Fashion week shined bright Saturday night as the latest runway looks sparkled down the runway. Saturday’s event showcased the best in Luxury and Couture looks, bringing designs from St. Louis, Missouri, Botswana and Los Angeles to Arizona. The mix of practical and flashy looks paired with outstanding materials highlighted the best of Phoenix fashion, and brought forth each individual designer’s unique spin.

Fashion week exceeded all expectations Saturday night, with bright lights, exciting music, flashy designs and cream of the crop designers.

Cosmogyrol by Jenine Nerecina 


This collection brought light to the runway. The flowy material of the dresses and capes were breathtaking. Jenine Nerecina brought an angelic quality to the show. Feathers, capes, and blush tones created the perfect La Vie en Rose.

MOWA by Emily Smith 


Panthers on the runway! Emily Smith brought African wildlife to Phoenix Fashion Week. This collection showcased bold prints, smokey eyes and amazing hair!

Barbara Bultman


The winner of the night was Barbara Bultman. With a collection focusing on chic minimalism, the models looked fierce on the runway. Wearing silky pants and flowing dresses, Bultman has made looking chic and comfortable easy.

ACONAV by Loren Arogon

Arogon’s collection began with a strong stage presence. Two women stood on the side and held Native American pots on their heads, and served as the columns of the show, supporting the beautiful collection of patterned gowns and dresses.

Native American, Indigenous, black, red, and white, materials

Dalida Ayach


Thigh high boots, Spanish lace, and rose embroidery. Dalida Ayach delivered the Spanish romance fantasy I have been waiting for. This collection looked straight out of the Milan runways.

Rachad Itani


Rachad Itani produced one of the most beautiful collections of the night. The entire collection was kissed by warm Champagne and rose petals.

Yas Couture by Elie Madi


Yas Couture never fails to excite people, especially on couture night! You truly saw quality high fashion in his collection! The detail that was in every piece of clothing was amazing. From lace fabrics to hand beaded gowns, Elie Madi brought luxury to Arizona.

Rocky Gathercole


Photo: Jackson Dorsey 

Gathercole, who has been regarded as one of the top Avant Garde designers, showcased bright and unique colors Saturday night, topping it off with a cyborg-esque collection with an iridescent finish. In addition to exciting and envelope-pushing designs, Gathercole also involved a bright and beautiful wedding line, paired with some of spring and summer’s best colors. Rocky Gathercole has dressed the likes of Katy Perry and Paris Hilton.

Photo credit : James Almanaz 


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