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Phasionable: The stylish humans of downtown Phoenix

By Daniella Rudoy

Personal photography is becoming more and more popular on social media; Superstar pages like Humans of New York are growing in popularity (@humansofny on Instagram). These photographs and short quotes capture the essence of natural behaviors and are the definition of “candid.” So naturally, what can a blogger do besides try and emulate such styles of photography?

I took to the streets of the Downtown Phoenix Campus of Arizona State University to scope out the cutest outfits I saw that day. Phoenix fashionistas, welcome to Phasionable.

Quinny Thai (Instagram: @quinlena)

FullSizeRender 47

“What do I love about clothes? I love silhouettes. And fabrics. And pastels. Oh, and jewel tones! I love jewel tones. I love it all.”

Story Kortema (Twitter: @storyisfabulous)

FullSizeRender 46

“When I was little and just started dressing myself, I would wear Halloween costumes all the time. I would go to school as Snow White, and as a bumblebee to church. It was always something different with me.”

Brittany Ford (Instagram: @brittanyren_)

FullSizeRender 49

“I love to dress up. Even when I’m lazy and don’t feel like getting dressed, I still try to look cute.”

Hattie Hayes (Instagram: @queenhattiejean)

FullSizeRender 45

“I do stand up comedy and perform, so my outfits are always ready for the stage.”


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