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Phoenix Blogger Series: Fashion Route

Phoenix, a major metropolitan area, is home to many up-and-coming brand name stores, boutiques, vintage shops and even fashion bloggers. Kristianne Young, owner of the blog Fashion Route, is a seasoned fashionista with a wide range of accomplishments.

Already having interned with a fashion designer and interviewed bands such as Switchfoot and Paramore, Young’s skill has landed her with the position of fashion and beauty blogger for a regional magazine. Her blog, Fashion Route, continues to be read by many with posts ranging from vintage fashions to career advice.

Young’s fashion advice makes her blog unique to others, since she goes in-depth on personal experiences and trials and tribulations through her fashion journey.

“If you still want to love fashion 20 years from now, take a break and do something you enjoy every once in a while,” says Fashion Route.

The blog suggests watching a movie, reading a book, getting a message, or simply going out with friends as practical ways to relive stress. She encourages an abundance of exercise and sleep, as well as making productive career choices.

“Saying yes to everyone and everything that comes your way can result in a very sleepy, grumpy, and less productive you,” says Fashion Route.

Aside from her practical advice from the business perspective, Young offers a multitude of fashion posts that include outfit-of-the-days and favorite runway looks.

One of her pre-Thanksgiving posts offers the “beauty edition” of her 2011 Christmas list. Stylish items such as the YSL Holiday Nail Trio and a Laura Mercier Bath duo are pictured. These also serve as useful gift suggestions for those in need of some tips. 

Young continues her business-savvy expertise with a post dedicated to “getting started” in the fashion industry. 

Fashion Route’s three steps include “write a good resume,” “do your research” and “be proactive.”  With these hints to success, she closes, “And remember…any experience is good experience.”

Isabelle Novak


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