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Phoenix Blogger Series: Global Runway

As many of us know, the fashion world is not confined to the depths of our closets, but instead is an endless runway of those who walk it, those who admire it and those who report on it.

Fellow Arizona fashion blogger, Sarai Cervantes of Global Runway, took the time to meet with me to discuss a few of her motives behind creating her own online canvas dedicated to the fashion world.

The Chic Daily,, Global Runway, Fashion Journalist Club

Having been an avid blogger since 2009, Cervantes has only continued to build her portfolio, establishing a reputable name for herself among many other fellow bloggers. It wasn’t until just recently that she began posting anywhere from 6-8 times a day.

“The comments push me to blog more. Whenever I hear back from readers, it helps me to keep going,” Cervantes said.

Access to prominent fashion magazines and websites allow for knowledge of the latest trends; however this information is not limited to just these outlets. Today social networking has created a vehicle for anyone who demonstrates the tiniest flare in an area of interest, enabling them to share with others their ideas and opinions in an easily obtainable way.

Cervantes is not alone in the fashion blogging network, but she most definitely offers a fresh and innovative take on it.

“It’s usually always the same fashion shows – Milan, London, Paris, New York. I wanted to incorporate global runway shows that people might not necessarily know about such as Argentina, Brazil and the China fashion weeks,” Cervantes said.

Hoping to further pursue her enthusiasm for anything and everything fashion, Cervantes continues to attract a following in the hopes of someday transforming her blog into an online magazine. Cervantes expresses the many rewarding opportunities she’s had.

“I think it has helped me to attend more events in person, which then helps me to meet more people and make more connections,” Cervantes said.

Not only does Cervantes feel that what she does is extremely self-rewarding, but is also extremely worthwhile.

In asking her the best approach to becoming further immersed in the fashion world, she said, “Contacting public relations of different brands are helpful because they are able to send information about possible events to attend.”

It is important to look outside our own personal spheres of influence and gain perspective through expanding onto other connections. Cervantes has allowed for this to take place in her own selfless efforts to create an oasis of information for others with similar passions to enjoy and appreciate.

We may just come to find that our ability to connect the dots within society is actually our most flattering accessory.

Avery Robrock

Photo Credits: Global Runway


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