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Phoenix Blogger Series: Indie Stitch

As what is described as a collaborative to help push local fashion forward, Indie Stitch creates an outlet for local bloggers and fashion fans to experience all that Phoenix has to offer.

While Phoenix isn’t globally known as a fashion capital, the local style scene is definitely something to consider. Without the help of internationally known magazines and style icons, Phoenix’s main fashion expression comes from its local bloggers and followers.

Indie Stitch creator Dustin Hoyman started out in the marketing field and always had a taste for fashion and a passion for art. But it wasn’t until his first run at Phoenix Fashion week nearly four years ago that he really jumped into the local fashion scene.

“I kind of tripped and fell into it,” Hoyman said. “I just fell in love with it, fell in love with the people and just really wanted to support it.”

The Chic Daily,, Fashion Journalist Club, Indie Stitch

Born and raised in Phoenix, Hoyman’s love of the city is what fueled him to bring awareness to all the local art. He saw the potential the valley had to really become a staple in the fashion world on a larger scale.

“I really want to bring fashion into Phoenix,” Hoyman said. “Nobody gives Phoenix any credit…we have a uniqueness to us and it’s always growing and getting better.”

Indie Stitch came about in the last few years from Hoyman’s innate desire to bring attention to Phoenix fashion even though as Hoyman said he isn’t as into the fashion specifically as he is into the whole scene.

Thuy An Bui, a contributing blogger for Indie Stitch, said the blog is all about support for local art, whether it’s fashion trends or events and it’s the devotion of the bloggers that has made it such a well-known aspect of Phoenix fashion and style.

“Phoenix really has something but we haven’t done as much in the past to promote it on a wider scale.” Bui said. “With Indie Stitch we want people to see that we have a real fashion scene here and there’s more to Phoenix than what people expect.”

Hoyman said he wanted to bring in contributors to his site to really expose them to the industry and bring more and more notoriety to their ideas and writing. He said Indie Stitch was and is about connections.

“Everybody wants to support each other…It’s more based on community than competition,” Hoyman said. “Most people want to help build this community and push it forward.”

The Chic Daily,, Fashion Journalist Club, Indie Stitch

Indie Stitch has proven itself to be a real outlet for the local fashion community and continues to grow and bring attention to the Phoenix style scene.

Vanja Veric

Photo Credits: Dustin Hoyman // Scottsdale Fashionista


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