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Phoenix Blogger Series: Style Sizzle

The fashion scene in Arizona has always been disregarded, but in recent years fashion blogs have popped up and made a name for themselves as well as a name for the state they live in.

Arizona is no longer a denim cut-offs and tank-top state, we now have trendy boutiques and high-end stores like Barney’s, thanks to fashion bloggers.

One notable fashionista is Marlene Montanez, curator of “Style Sizzle”. Montanez created “Style Sizzle” nearly two years ago as a way to “showcase (her) own personal style as well as the stylish side of Arizona living.”

The Chic Daily,, Fashion Journalist Club, Style Sizzle

The blog is primarily fashion driven, though it also features posts on beauty and bridal.

“I actually love doing beauty product reviews and am obsessed with all things beauty but my blog is mainly fashion-focused. Go figure,” said Montanez.

Montanez believes that the fashion scene here in Arizona has changed drastically and hopes that her blog shows it’s readers that they can be as fashionable here just as those who live in a larger city such as New York or Los Angeles.

The blog is updated with new posts almost daily, which leaves many to wonder how does one writer come up with so many ideas.

“A lot of my posts come from conversations in everyday life. Like my ‘Are French Manicures Out of Style’ post, which sparked a lot of comments on my blog and is still one of my most highly-trafficked posts, was born from a conversation I had about it with a friend of mine,” said Montanez.

What makes “Style Sizzle” stand out from other fashion blogs is that Montanez is a journalist who has interviewed countless names from the fashion industry, including Christian Louboutin and Tim Gunn.

Her work has also been published at Arizona Foothills Magazine, Arizona Bride and The Fashion Spot.

Cortney Kaminski


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