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Phoenix Blogger Series: Tea Talk

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Blogging about fashion is a job in itself, but also try blogging about different adventures and things you love – this is just a few examples of what Tea Talk entails.

I recently got a chance to sit with the creator of this blog, Chelsea Brown, and boyfriend Scott to discuss everything Tea Talk.

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Chelsea Brown from Tea Talk

Brown started her blog about three years ago to stay in touch with her boyfriend while she was away for the summer.  She likes that she is able to meet new people and said that she met one of her best friends through her blog.

Tea Talk has a few different sections titled outfits, adventures and love. Under these sections you can find anything from her stylish outfits to some of the best coffee houses in Arizona. She said she loves working on the adventure section because it is just her going out and going through her day. After going to coffee shops or restaurants she feels inspired to write about it.

Tea Talk has been featured in Lucky Magazine as part of their “Lucky Style Collective”. Brown said when she found out they were accepting new members, she applied.  After about a month she found out that she had been accepted.

Her work with Lucky consists of advertising on her blog for the magazine as well as potential features in their print or online publication.

Right now Brown is working on her Masters in communication studies and hopes to one day blog for a major company but still plans on keeping her personal blog for the long haul.

As of now check out her blog and see for yourself the different adventures she takes and outfits she showcases. “I want to keep doing my blog, keep doing what I am now… and see where it goes,” Brown said.

Cassie Castaneda

Photo Credit: Tea Talk


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