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Phoenix Blogger Series: The Scottsdale Fashionista

Karen McKnight, also known by her Blog Alias, The Scottsdale Fashionista, has one of the more popular blogs in Phoenix, averaging 25,000—30,000 page views every month.

“It’s just amazing to me that it all started with zero,” said McKnight.

The Scottsdale Fashionista, a fashion-based blog has been up and running for about a year and a half now and McKnight likes to think her combination of humor and fashion keeps readers coming back for more.

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“I try to keep the blog entertaining, I write funny posts too,” said McKnight. “Every once and awhile I will write about doggy yoga or something like that, the blog is really half fashion and half entertainment.”

The Scottsdale Fashionista features original content four to five times a week and looks at women’s fashion trends worldwide but also brings it home by highlighting the local fashion scene in Arizona.

McKnight prides herself on the relationships she has been able to build with the local fashion scene, making her one of the more recognizable fashion bloggers in Arizona.

“Although it took me a year, I am now the only blogger in the city who is allowed to go into Nordstrom in Scottsdale Fashion Square and take pictures,” said McKnight. “I have worked really hard to establish my contacts and make a good name for myself.”

McKnight cannot only be seen writing for her blog, The Scottsdale fashionista, but she is also a free-lance writer for various publications like Runway Magazine.

With all of the writing she has published, McKnight still finds new inspiration and says she always has about 25-30 blog ideas in her head at all times.

“I love writing,” said McKnight. “And the beauty about fashion writing is that the industry moves so quickly [that] you always have plenty to write about.”

Along with updating her blog, The Scottsdale Fashionista weekly, McKnight also uses other forms of social media like Twitter, Facebook and most recently a Tumblr blog.

“I take a lot of pictures that I don’t always get to use on my blog and that is what is great about Tumblr,” said McKnight.

The Tumbr blog should be up and running the first of this next year. Visit Twitter/ScottsdaleFashionista and for Mcknight and all of her fashion news.

Haley Buntrock


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