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Phoenix Fashion Week 2015: Saturday edition

By Fay Schneider

The Chic Daily covered night one and night two of Phoenix Fashion Week. Rounding out the fabulous, fashion-forward weekend was Saturday’s show. Check out the night’s highlights.

All photos by Jackson Dangremond

Emerging Designers

Azmara Asefa

Azmara Asefa describes the collection for Saturday’s 2015 Phoenix Fashion Week Show as “apocalypse ready” with a contrast between manmade straight hard silhouettes and the more natural flowing fabrics. The collection spotlights spine and rib cutouts and feathers. The main colors of the collection are white, black and mint green in classic high-waisted separates and dresses.


Check out the collection, based out of Los Angeles, California, at

Leola Sky

Sherrell Hall’s Leola Sky collection at Saturday night’s 2015 Phoenix Fashion Week Show brought traditional colors and ties: black, white, navy, gold, and beige, into new interpretation with abstract cuts, high collars, and capes. The collection also featured a seemingly Grecian appeal with clear attention paid to movement in the fabrics used.


Check out the collection based out of St. Louis Missouri at

Hues of Ego

A locally based fan favorite, Hues of Ego danced its way onto Saturday night’s 2015 Phoenix Fashion Week runway, and walked away with the title of the night’s top designer. The collection started with the crowd lighting flashing red lights as a ballerina, adorned in a gown of sequins and tulle, gracefully danced up and down the runway. The collection that followed was every bit as feminine as its entrance. High low gowns, sexy slits, and back-accentuating cuts were completed with pearls and sparkle, making for a collection fit for a grown-up princess. The pieces featured shades of pink, white, maroon, and yellow, with props such as masks and balloon-like twine sculptures.


Check out the collection, based out of Scottsdale, Arizona at

Michelle Hébert

Michelle Hébert’s collection for Saturday night’s 2015 Phoenix Fashion Week Show centered around the emergence of natural beauty from darkness. For every angelic white lace dress, flowing and soft, there was an equally dark and powerful piece. The collection featured a range of fabrics from soft and gauzy to thick and straight. All pieces honored bare skin with some of the models walking down the runway barefoot, clad in layers of light lacy fabrics, flowers, and beautiful head pieces.


Check out the collection, based out of Los Angeles, California, at

Established Designers

Design ME

Design ME brought both rhinestoned corporate-style designs and voluminous conservative evening gowns to Saturday night’s 2015 Phoenix Fashion Week Show runway. The collection featured hues of black, white, coral, blue, and gold. Buttons, rhinestones, hanging larger sequins, and ruffles decorated the conservative nature of the collection. All in all, Design ME brought life to the runway in personifying the balance between work and play very successfully.


Glenn Plaid

The men’s collection from Glenn Plaid gave a new age prieview of the “modern man.” The pieces featured suits in the color schemes of varying grays, blues, browns and lavenders. Patterned bowties, pocket squares, and suspenders completed the more formal looks. As for the casual pieces, cuffed pants paired with dress shoes and button-downs combined for the perfect balance between laid back and looking good.


Albert Andrada

This collection stunned the crowd at Saturday night’s 2015 Phoenix Fashion Week Show. The immense attention to detail within the shimmering “Neptunian”-themed white, gold, turquoise, and pink pieces had the affect of sunlight glistening off of ocean waves. Every gown that fluttered down the runway was a piece of luxury: silks, chiffons, and lace adorned with rhinestones, pearls and trains making every model appear a piece of art within the designer’s creations.


Check out the collection, based out of the Philippines, at

Rocky Gathercole

The evolution of pieces flaunting down the runway throughout the duration of Rocky Gathercole’s collection was a sight of artistic development. At first, the dresses appeared more like black and white cages, seeming to trap as well as empower those adorned with them. Fishnets and largely defined shoulders helped deliver this effect. However, the pieces began softening to large ruffle skirts, tulle dresses, until the finale: a beautifully detailed shimmering bodice, complete with a white fur skirt and train.

Gathercole4 2

Check out the collection, based out of Hollywood, California, at

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