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Phoenix Fashion Week 2015: Thursday edition

By Haley Wehner

On Oct. 1 at Phoenix Fashion Week at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona, models were strapping on their high heels as guests walked down glowing blue stairs to a long room illuminated by string lights and the twinkles of shiny jewelry.


Photo by Haley Wehner

Designers, media, fashion bloggers and the like spent the first hours of the night mingling with the different booths set up in the room. One of these booths was a nonprofit organization, which was founded by Amy Armstrong, called Support My Club. The organization makes it easy for people to fulfill the dreams of students by making contributions in any way they can, such as donating $5 so a girl can buy fabric to create a piece. Other booths offered breast cancer information, free hair braids and tattoos, or sold Phoenix Fashion Week t-shirts.


Photo by Haley Wehner

Around 9 p.m. the crowd migrated towards the stage. A clump of photographers at the end of the runway was armed with cameras and ready to shoot. The first section of the evening’s show was a display of elegant red gowns crafted by students from the Art Institute of Phoenix. This portion of the show was “Pretty Woman” themed.

Four of the 13 emerging designers followed including Charmosa Swimwear, Haute Body, Lily V., and Medium Apparel Co.

The night’s winner of emerging designers was Brazilian designer Neide Hall of Charmosa Swimwear. Hall will now get a spot on EVINE Live TV Show. Hall just released her Fireball collection, hence the dancer spitting fire into the air above the audience’s heads. Hall emphasizes her Brazilian background and how each of her pieces are handmade with love. The bikinis themselves pop with bold hues of orange and blues, and were completely set off with unique touches from fringe and flowy cover-ups.


Hot tricks at the start of the show // Photo by Haley Wehner

The night continued with established designers including Mary Kluge, Devereux Golf, and Elevee Lifestyle Golf. These brands verged heavily on the line of classiness with clean cuts, collars, and colors. Not even the evening’s strong wind was going to shake up the models who continued to fiercely walk down the runway in their tennis skirts until the end of the show.

Emerging Designers

All photos by Jackson Dangremond

Charmosa Swimwear



ChermosaWinning copy

Neide Hall of Charmosa Swimwear winning the night’s Emerging Lifestyle Designer award, pictured with her son

Mary Kluge



Medium Apparel


 Haute Body



Established Designer




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