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Phoenix Fashion Week- “Empowering women one design at a time”

While attending Phoenix Fashion Week at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale Thursday night, I was in awe of all the amazing shows, designers, and the all around exciting atmosphere. What really caught my attention was founder of Woman’s Touch Apparel, Jenesis Laforcarde. This 21 year old fellow ASU student and designer displayed her line in an elaborate fashion show that included a extravagant choreography, fluid designs, and a strong message. Laforcarde is not only head over heels for fashion, but her main goal is to empower women through her chic designs.

The line included graphic t-shirts, crop tops, mini dresses, and more. The designs were simple, but fierce. The models sported the garments while wearing decorative crystal head pieces and high heels. The colors were bold and the designs were striking. Her empowering designs included shirts that displayed many feminist statements like “C.E.O.” and “Yoncé Taught Me I’m Flawless”. I think it is safe to say I am in love with her work. I was inspired by Laforcarde’s ambitions to shine light on empowerment, professionalism, individuality, history, and respect. She is the ultimate feminist and her line is amazing.

Check out her designs at


Article and Photos by Taylor Fischetto


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