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Phoenix Fashion Week: Friday Recap

Friday night at Phoenix Fashion Week was so much more than I expected! As I arrived, I was overwhelmed with the atmosphere and the community of people that were interacting with each other. It was cool to see the different types of people networking with each other.

The first emerging designer was Blackberry Maverick. Their retro designs consisted of many grays, royal purple and a light blue as an accent. They used feathers to accent some pieces and utilized their colors well. Their outfits that they presented were so fun! You could tell as they walked down the runway at the end that they had so much fun creating the line.

The next emerging designer ATIZ, was hands-down my favorite emerging designer. The first model walked out strong with a striped A-line skirt and it only went up from there. My favorite piece was a tan pencil skirt with a fringe peplum. The colors were simple and light, and inspired by the natural world.

Kismit, the third emerging designer, was edgy and strong. The designer stayed with basic blacks and whites and used plastic buckles as her accent on many of her pieces. In addition to the clothes, triangle eyeliner and slicked back hair added to the empowered look.

The last emerging designer was Schuylark. She used many deep grays and red, graphic florals. There was one short strappy black dress that I fell in love with, along with some of the wraps that the models wore.

After intermission, three established designers presented their lines. Bri Seely came out with maroon-red and black chiffon dresses, tops and skirts. There were slits on all pieces so strategically places on the thigh, back, chest or sleeves to add the subtle sexiness to a flowy piece.

Dolcessa’s swimwear was incredibly creative. The models wore elaborate headpieces to complement their bikinis/monokinis.

My favorite established designer was the final designer on Friday night, Aris Pico. Aris Pico presented beautiful gowns! There were so many memorable pieces, such as a two-piece black ball gown dress with gold accents and a shimmery champagne gown with gold tinsel across the neckline and down the back.

My whole experience at Phoenix Fashion Week was amazing! Being the first fashion show I’ve ever attended, I was impressed and eager to attend more.

Article by: Emma Biscocho


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