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Phoenix Fashion Week | October 3

The bright lights dimmed as fashion enthusiasts from across the valley were asked to take their seats for The 9th Annual Phoenix Fashion Week at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale last night. A total of eight designers showcased their latest runway looks. Established designers included Fashion by Robert Black, Shawl Dawls, Black Russian Label and Project Runway’s Bradon McDonald. While Dolcessa, Linden, Loin Cloth and Medium Apparel were amongst the first emerging designers to present their fashions.

Fashion by Robert Black 

Black’s collection kicked off Phoenix Fashion Week by featuring inspiration from the history of Arizona–complete with cactus, Kokopelli resemblances and southwestern patterns paired with blinged out accessories.  With western style in mind, Black’s looks included knee-length skirts coupled with glittered jackets to add a sparkly pop to the collection. The designer’s looks had various elements of surprise. Some statement outfits remained simple in front, but detailed and dynamic designs embellished the back. Black’s designs channeled the use of rustic tones and sparkle detailing to make the collection a unique representation of Arizona.


Shawl Dawls

Shawl Dawls came to life last night with a collection featuring asymmetrical shawls accessorized with garters and braided-back hair. The edgy style, which touched on feminine fabrics like lace and glitter, contributed to a unique collection with colorful prints and simple statement jewelry. Sheer and posh fabrics were styled into one-shoulders, cowl-like-necklines and wraps to form high-to-low, short and long shawls that showcased the designer’s range of style.


Black Russian Label

Color, function and form drove the 2014 Urban Nomad collection that included the designer’s signature zippers. Head wraps and vintage jewelry added to the collection’s sense of urban twist. Animal prints and pops of color attracted the confident, sophisticated woman who has traveled the world. A tribal feel with feather earrings and leather brought together a versatile line that could be worn many different ways.


Bradon McDonald

Bradon McDonald, Project Runway season 12 contestant, showcased feminine but striking designs full of wave ruching that brought dimension to the designer’s looks. The mixing of flower patterns and daring necklines added to the collection’s overall sophistication and flair.



An array of patterns and free-flowing capes moved like crystal waves on the runway. Touches of gold metal and leather cuffs brought an edge to the bright bathing suits. The addition of vibrant cover-up dresses completed the swimsuit looks–tying together the collection’s range of exotic colors.



Casual and refined styles graced the runway, as Linden showcased its collection of simple styles jazzed up with unique tailoring. Crop tops and plaid patterns contributed to the laid-back style along with dresses paired with asymmetrical jackets. Black and white hues also made several appearances in untraditional ways by mixing these two basic colors with opposite structural patterns. Linden presented an accessible wardrobe with distinctive designs that allowed women to wear unique pieces, these pieces ultimately stemming from an effortless mindset.


Loin Cloth

A collection highlighting the young and ambitious and the trials of pursuing your dreams in Los Angeles. Loin Cloth started with “A Penny and an Idea” and has pushed its vision to create the collection showcased Thursday night. Shirts with colored buttons, patterned shirt pockets and one-sided patches added dimension to the clean, simple shirts. The detailed patterns and mixed colors of clothing catered to a relaxed style so that any traveling man could feel confident in the city in which he is pursuing his dream.


Medium Apparel

Animal print accessories and bandanas peeking from denim back pockets gave Medium Apparel’s collection a street style that had edge and taste. A teddy bear logo was present in most of the collection in addition to its statement sweaters and bold t-shirts. This brand was not afraid to stand out and have its voice heard.

Photo Credit: Alexa Salari


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