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Phoenix Fashion Week: Spring Into Style 2016 Our Opinions

By Kat Chapman, Jackson Dorsey, and Courtney Mally

Phoenix Fashion Week hosted Spring Into Style for the seventh year in a row on Saturday at the Arizona Center in Downtown Phoenix.

Spring Into Style is known for utilizing local designers and stylists to highlight the local fashion scene in the southwest. There were six different trends that hit the runway this year including metallics, sporty chic (AKA athleisure), plaid, the classic white shirt, lingerie-inspired looks and ways to wear the color green.

The night started out with a press conference for all of the local media outlets who were able to attend the event (us included, woo hoo!) where the stylists were able to answer questions submitted online to Phoenix Fashion Week’s Facebook page, and to also share where their inspiration came from for Saturday night’s show.

Press Conference

Jackson, Courtney and Kat before the press conference on Saturday night.

After the press conference, there was time to mingle around and look at all the local boutiques who had set up shop in hopes to gain more clientele and make some good money from the audience attending Spring Into Style.

And, let me tell you…if I weren’t a broke college kid trying to work her way through school I would have SPLURGED at these boutiques! I was grabbing business cards right and left so when the time comes and I can treat myself I know exactly where to go.

Then, the shows started. Each show had their own introduction with a video explaining who the stylists were and what their trend was.

Since we were seated in the third row and the shows did not start until after dark, our pictures did not really turn out the greatest. However, Kat was able to snap some good shots of our favorite show, sporty chic, which was styled by Parisa Zahedi.


Photo credits: Kat Chapman


Photo credits: Kat Chapman


Photo credits: Kat Chapman

Chapman also explains best why the sporty chic was the most popular among the three of us from The Chic Daily:

“The trend was simple: mixing sporty pieces like sweatshirts or joggers with more sophisticated pieces like a blouse or skirt. She kept the color palette monochromatic and let the trend really speak for itself. The music that was playing as the models walked was very intense and played up the severity of some of the looks. I think it’s easy for the trend to get lost in something cozy and cute so the choice of music brought it back to higher fashion.”

Although Zahedi did not win Best In Show, she was the best in show in our eyes.

And, as Jackson Dorsey put it, each model in her show was accessorized with a piece of sports equipment that set each look over the top.

The night ended with Brandon Hunt’s lingerie-inspired collection winning the overall title of Best In Show, which is understandable as his collection was sexy, exuded confidence and had a Yeezy-esque opening.

For more pictures and information, please visit the Phoenix Fashion Week Facebook and Instagram (@phxfasionweek).


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