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Phoenix Fashion Week Stuns

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

By Daniel Ogas

Phoenix Fashion Week (PFW) made its grand return to the Valley in the most fashionably ‘on time’ way possible.

After rainy weather led the organization to postpone the event by one week, the Executive Director of PFW, Brian Hill, took to the stage at the Chateau Luxe in Scottsdale to validate the postponement.

“Isn’t this much better than some ballroom?” Hill said.

Hill was right. The stage was impeccably set, surrounded by an evening filled with beauty in ways that only exist here in the Valley.

This year marked the return of the event following the COVID-19 Pandemic.

“Fashion forward, we have been pushing Arizona since day one so more designers can do what they thought they couldn’t,” Hill said exclusively to The Chic Daily.

While MCing the event, Hill spoke to how big fashion designers get their start at local fashion weeks like PFW.

“This is where you find the Alexander McQueen’s of the world before they become Alexander McQueen,” Hill said.

Hill’s mission to put Arizona on the map in the fashion world proved to be powerful throughout the evening.

The event did not start off as the spectacle it is today.

The first PFW event took place at The Art Institute of Phoenix in 2008.

Now, the Chateau Luxe hosts the monumental evening.

Ashley LaRae Sampson, president and founder of StylePHX, had nothing but good things to say about PFW.

“It’s beautiful,” Sampson said. “It’s important to come together and support the fashion community. Phoenix Fashion Week is one of the best things that allows us to do that every single year.”

A plethora of local designers had the chance to showcase their talents as well as compete for the award of “Emerging Designer of the Year” at this year’s PFW.

The fashion power couple Antonio and Amber Hall and designers of “Pastiche La Femme,” came out on top as winners of that award.

Their designs were consistent in patterns and color schemes that made for an exquisite sense of authenticity throughout their entire line.

The couple took to Instagram live to reflect on PFW.

“It’s an overwhelming experience … This is the one runway to kill it,” they said.

The aspect of competition did not stop there – making it an exciting evening for all in attendance.

Along with highlighting the year’s top designer, the models also came out to play and be named “Model of the Year.”

Jonathan Cuero was named the male “Model of the Year,” and Vanessa Smith nabbed the award of female “Model of the Year.”

Both models nabbed a modeling contract with The Agency Arizona as a result of their victories. The contract will allow them to continue pursuing their modeling careers, as well as build their reputation as two of the top models in the Phoenix scene.

Once again, PFW proved to be a major competitor in the fashion world, and also highlighted the humanity that should always prevail in the industry. This was an evening that showcased the artistry among a diverse group of designers, models, and industry professionals alike. The element of celebrating incredible creators in Phoenix was elevated far beyond an average standard. In doing so, Hill and the entire event team proved that PFW will continue to be a staple in the valley for many years to come.


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