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Photoshoot At Home Challenge

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

By Jordan Mclain

When it comes to social media, Youtube is by far my favorite. I noticed a new trend circling around Youtube of several influencers attempting to do an at-home photo shoot challenge. When COVID hit, hiring photographers, and going out in public to take pictures was no longer safe. So in classic Youtuber fashion, people had to get creative.

A lot of influencers managed to take some really high-quality photos, I was surprised at how many were able to transform their home into a makeshift studio. Watching these videos inspired me so much that I decided to try the challenge myself! During this challenge, I was visiting my sister for Memorial Day weekend. I thought it would be perfect to take advantage of the setting, more specifically the guest bedroom. The overall vibe of the bedroom was neutral and simple, and there were several windows that helped bring in natural light.

I decided to wear something a little out of my comfort zone. To start off the shoot, I wore a Rugrats hoodie with white camo pants I obtained from Zumiez a while back. To spice up the pants, I wore a Fila web belt that I got from ASOS. To tie the outfit together I wore a black Nike headband since the vibe of the outfit was trendy/comfy, and to complete the look, I threw on some black and silvery bracelets I got from PuraVida.

Before taking the photos I had to figure out which spots in the room were worthy of taking pictures in.

My first thought was to take pictures in front of the window, specifically the larger window near the corner of the room. Then I had to figure out how I was going to be able to position my phone, and where I could set it on so I could take some pictures at a decent angle.

After looking at all of the furniture in the room, I conducted a crazy idea to lay a footrest on top of a chair and then lay my backpack on the footrest so that my phone could lay on the backpack, and it WORKED!

After doing several poses (some awkward) and attempting to take pictures with my phone on top of the strange contraption that I put together, I was able to pick and edit some of the photos. Overall, I really liked the pictures that I took, and even though they were pretty simple, they were definitely Instagram worthy.

For the next set of pictures, I decided to do something a little more difficult and try to take pictures of me sitting on a chair in the corner of the room.

I was skeptical about this set of photos, but I decided to go with the idea anyway. The set up for this photo wasn’t as crazy as the first contraption I put together, but it was just as weird. I put a computer chair in front of the chair I was sitting in and used a pillow to put my phone on top to take the pictures.

This setup was WAY easier than my last one and the pictures turned out way better than expected.

I used an app called “HUJI” to take my next set of photos, this app helped with the overall aesthetic. The app uses a throwback/neon filter to help give more life and character to photos. The takeaway from this set was to make sure my body is more centered in front of the camera.

For the next set of photos, I decided to do something even more crazy and absurd than before, and take pictures of me on the bathroom sink counter. The set up for these photos was interesting, to say the least.

I used the same footrest from the previous shoots and placed it on top of the toilet. I then used a large pillow on top, in order to position my phone correctly, then on top of the larger pillow, I placed a throw pillow to lean my phone against.

For the bathroom photos, I used the same app “HUJI” to give it more flavor and dimension. I didn’t end up taking a whole lot, but the few ones I did achieve were impressive.

For the last and final set of photos, I got super creative and took pictures inside the bathtub. I saw a YouTuber do the same thing and the pictures turned out amazing, so I thought I would give it a try.

This setup was the easiest one, all I used was a pillow for my phone to lean against.

I used the same “HUJI” app since I was literally in a bathtub and I knew the app would make the vibe of the photos more playful.

I definitely had a difficult time posing and angling the camera, so I didn’t manage to take a whole lot, but I took a few that came out super fun!

Overall, I had a lot of fun doing this challenge, and the photos thankfully turned out better than I expected. I learned that you don’t need the best scenery/aesthetic location to take Instagram worthy pictures or pictures in general.

Working with what you have at the moment is sometimes the best solution. On the brighter side of things, this pandemic has definitely brought out creativity among many people and has popularized ideas and concepts not a lot of people thought of before.


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