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PHX Fashion Week: Let’s Spring into Style for 2015!

On Saturday night, the valley’s fashion aficionados gathered in the Arizona Center at downtown Phoenix to feast their eyes upon the 6th annual Spring Into Style fashion show, put on by Phoenix Fashion Week. Vendors dotted the outdoor space, selling their wares as style fiends mixed and mingled. After sundown, it was time for the night’s main event – the runway show. Models strutted down the palm tree-lined catwalk, displaying the work of six talented stylists, each with a distinct theme. Relive the show with these highlights, and let yourself get pumped for Phoenix Fashion Week, scheduled for October 1-3 at Talking Stick Resort.

Neutrals – Vanessa Gonzales

Neutrals 1
Neutrals 2
Neutrals 3
Neutrals 5

The show kicked off with a showcase of neutrals styled by Vanessa Gonzales. The white and ivory looks were anything but boring, with loose blouses, distressed denim, and dresses both structured and flowing. Chunky gold jewelry adorned the models, making every ensemble as luxe as the last one and majorly upping the edgy factor of the minimalist looks.

“I used my personal style as inspiration – very feminine,” Gonzales said before the show. “I really love the white-on-white look. I think it is something that’s bold, even though it’s not a color. A lot of people are afraid to do it.”

Denim – Nuvia Magdahi

Denim 1
Denim 2
Denim 3
Denim 4
Denim 5

Nuvia Magdahi styled the night’s denim looks, and these weren’t your typical blue jeans. Fitted leather pants, sharp platinum wigs and even a gold head cage made the looks more rock and roll than rugged. Monochromatic colors and structured pieces kept the looks professional and wearable for everyday life, which was one of Magdahi’s aims.

“Denim is already a timeless piece,” she explained. “I’m just educating on how to be edgy, unique and still feel sexy when you wear your jeans. So I hope anybody can [wear these looks] on the sidewalks, other than just the runway.”

Boho – Jenesis Laforcarde

Boho 1
Boho 2
Boho 3
Boho 5

Jenesis Laforcarde styled the night’s boho looks, which were characterized by bright colors,glamorous silhouettes and abstract prints. Intricate facial jewelry, long wavy hair and decadent henna tattoos (some spanning across the model’s entire backs) highlighted the beauty inherent in these unique looks.

“I hope it educates people on culture,” Laforcarde said of her looks in the show. “To me, it’s just all history. I’m taking vintage pieces and adding culture into it.”

Her message? “You don’t have to just wear jeans and a t-shirt all day,” she said. “You can wear prints and be bold… Any body type can really pull off the boho trend, because it’s so flowy. And anyone can wear prints… You can totally rock a print, always.”

Distinct Prints – Tim Boado

Distinct Prints 1
Distinct Prints 2
Distinct Prints 3
Distinct Prints 4
Distinct Prints 5

Tim Boado styled the men’s fashion of the show under the theme of distinct prints. The simplicity of fitted pants and shorts juxtaposed the edginess of button-up shirts in colorful geometric patterns. As for accessories, the men put a nautical twist on the edgy fashions by donning classic sunglasses over their eyes, preppy belts on their waists, and oxfords or loafers on their feet (or no shoes at all).

“Your closet doesn’t have to be revamped,” Boado said before the show. “With these looks here, you’ll see a lot of mixing and matching, unusual things, not crazy, but enough to be like, ‘Well, maybe I can do that.’”

Floral – Audree Lopez

Floral 1
Floral 2
Floral 3
Floral 4
Floral 5

Audree Lopez brought some surprises with the floral looks she styled for the show. The edgy looks were void of the usual rosy pastels or Crayola brights that are often associated with floral, with jet-black and muted tones taking their place. The looks played with texture on both the models’ bedhead hair and their clothing, with sparkling black lace and all-over fringe. Moto jackets and camel coats topped off tropical and romantic floral tops and skirts while stilettos and platform combat boots rounded out the looks.

“I hope that somebody can at least find one outfit on there that they would want to wear or that they would go buy next week, because there’s a wide range from casual to fancy,” Lopez said.

Bold – Jackie Marin

Bold 1
Bold 2
Bold 3
Bold 4

Jackie Marin closed the show with her bold looks that made all sorts of statements. Sparkling bodysuits and three-dimensional gowns that would look right at home on a pop star were interspersed with glittery cut-out gowns and skirt-and-top combos with intricate pleating. Decadent chandelier earrings and heels both neutral and bright completed the looks, exemplifying over-the-top yet artistic glamour.

“I feel like my style, which is haute couture, red-carpet… it’s very understated here in Arizona,” Marin said. “But I feel like there’s a lot of people who want to wear those gowns, those dresses, those showstoppers. I’m one of them! I think that people like that need opportunity… There’s hunger, there’s passion to do things like go out of the ordinary and do something bold.”

Article and Photos by Libby Allnatt


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