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Pinned to perfection

Inspiration for style can be found just about anywhere, from the runways of New York City, to the streets of Los Angeles to your college campus. But how amazing would it be if you had access to all these looks on just one website?

Pinterest is a rapidly growing phenomenon that allows users to find new looks that push the boundaries of fashion and you to step out of your comfort zone.

The Chic Daily,, Fashion Journalist Club, Pinterest

By enabling users to “pin” any picture on the Internet on their personal boards, Pinterest has created an online environment that cultivates creativity and new ideas.

“There are so many different styles and looks on the Internet right at our fingertips on Pinterest that we wouldn’t otherwise see,” Kimberly Miller, a junior at Arizona State University, said. “In real life, we only see what people around us actually wear but on Pinterest there’s no limit.”

Fashionistas are definitely utilizing Pinterest to create an online world of fashion. By following celebrity style icons such as Nina Garcia and Michael Kors, users are able to find out first hand what the next big trends will be.

The Chic Daily,, Fashion Journalist Club, Pinterest

“Re-pinning” photos also allows you to connect with other users that have a style similar to your own.

Dawn Heur, a sophomore at ASU, said, “Pinterest has inspired, and changed my style. It opens your eyes to a whole new world of fashion and ideas. Pinterest has created a virtual runway. You are constantly seeing new styles that inspire you to push the limits of fashion. Pinterest has positivity influenced the creative world.”

Some users have even translated their online inspiration to their physical wardrobe.

Brooke Molineaux, a senior at Gilbert High School, said, “I put together different outfits I find on Pinterest to create my own. It inspires me to step out of my comfort zone and try something different every once in a while! And the site definitely keeps me up to date on all of the new up and coming trends.”

Transform your wardrobe, one click at a time! Join the online community of fashionistas and never stress about what to wear again.

Lindsay Viker

Photo Credits: Pinterest


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