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Preparing for a Successful Spring Break

Spring Break seems to come at the perfect time during the semester. It gives us a small taste of summer to help us finish the school year strong. Thinking about it that way, you definitely want to have the best spring break you can during your time off of school. Here are some tips to consider while you are getting ready for the vacation.

Set the mood


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Watch a fun spring break related movie the week before break to get excited. It will help keep your mind off of the stress of tests and packing—at least for a little while. One of my favorites for this occasion would have to be “Spring Breakers.” Despite its mixed reviews after it’s release last year, this movie is definitely entertaining and can put you into the vacation mood right before you leave (or even while you stay home during break).

Pack the essentials 


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If you are heading to a city like Chicago or New York for the week, be sure to pack some cute layers for the colder weather. It is definitely the perfect opportunity for some accessorizing, especially if the place you live in is already experiencing summer-like weather, and you just aren’t quite ready to put away your sweaters and cardigans for the season.

If you plan on going somewhere more tropical like Hawaii, California or Mexico, treat yourself to some new bathing suits before departing. You will feel great in a cute brand new suit lounging around by the beach. Pack lots of cute beachwear, sandals and dresses to go out in at night.

Stock up on new reading material


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Definitely pick up some March issues of your favorite magazines and maybe even a few new books. You never know when you will have some reading time, whether it is in the car, on the plane or while relaxing by the pool or beach.

Plan ahead


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If you are lucky enough to be going somewhere exciting, especially somewhere you have never been before, be sure to plan out some activities. That could include snorkeling, hitting a museum, taking a hike or even just shopping. Plan out some things you would enjoy doing on your trip, and try to find out some of your destination’s best eateries before you leave.

Spring break trips are a huge part of the college experience, and it’s important to have fun no matter what you end up doing. Enjoy your trip, but even if you’re not going anywhere, you can still have fun at home by having pool days, shopping trips, spa days or even doing some crafting. So push through these last few weeks of school and soon it will be rewarded with a week of relaxation and adventures.

By Samantha Stull


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