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Prepping your skin for the Arizona spring

Getting skin ready for spring and summer can be one of a girl’s greatest fears, but now there are more inexpensive products than ever that can easily get yourself ready for the upcoming seasons.

One product I swear by is Jergen’s Natural Glow Lotion. Applied every day, the lotion not only makes your skin silky smooth but it also makes you look naturally tanner in just a week or two. Say goodbye to spray tan streaks and fake orange skin with this awesome self-tanner lotion!

The Chic Daily,, Fashion Journalist Club, Skin Tips

To get your feet ready for sandal season, try rubbing your heels with a pumice stone in the shower everyday. The stone will remove dead skin and soften calluses. At night, apply a foot cream and sleep in socks. This trick softens feet overnight and makes them ready for your favorite sandals!

A great way to brighten up a dull winter face is with blush or bronzer. The E.L.F line of beauty products available at Target has products ranging from $1-3. It’s a great way to decide if you like wearing bronzer (and what shade) before dropping $30 on a designer compact. Get a large round brush to apply bronzer to cheeks, and for an all over color, try applying to your chin and forehead as well!

The Chic Daily,, Fashion Journalist Club, Skin Tips

Prepping for bikini season may be a daunting task. Just make sure you have all the essentials to make it easy and pain-free.

If you prefer shaving, make sure you have two razors- one for your legs and one for your bikini area. This will reduce the risk of those nasty bumps and infection. Prep your skin with warm water first and remember, never shave dry (even if you are in a hurry)! Use a shaving cream for your legs and find a shave gel specifically geared toward the bikini line to avoid irritation.

If you prefer waxing, grab some baby powder next time you are at the store. Applying baby powder before waxing will help the wax come off quicker and cleaner. Make sure to read the instructions thoroughly to avoid burns and ingrown hairs.

With these tips, your skin can be ready for that pool party in no time!

Lizz Witt

Photo Credits: Target 1 // 2


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