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Preview: Career Services fashion show

Arizona State University students are going to get schooled in how to dress for a professional setting this Wednesday.

The Career Services Fashion Show will provide students with the opportunity to learn about dressing professionally for interview and work settings. Student models will be walking in the show and a panel of judges will be critiquing each model’s look in order to give the audience and the models an idea of what employers like to see.


With styles provided by Macy’s, the models picked his or her own looks within either the interview or business-casual category. Each model was also given an article of clothing to wear that was unfitting for his or her category. For each look, the judges will discuss what is and what is not appropriate in order to show students how to dress professionally.

When asked why an event like this is important for students to attend, project manager and tourism sophomore Krystal Lee said, “Regardless if you are currently searching for a job right now or not, you are eventually going to be in a situation where you have to do an interview whether it’s for an internship, a part-time job or a full-time job, and you really do need to know what employers are looking for.”


According to Lee, the partnership with Macy’s is great because it is a store that many students shop at on a regular basis and they provide professional looks that are reasonably affordable. Macy’s will also have a table set up the night of the event to inform students about their internship program.

The audience at the Career Services Fashion Show will have the opportunity to win prizes at the event through raffles and contests sponsored by local businesses downtown like Urban Outfitters and Downtown Salon Phoenix.


“At the event, there’s really something there for everyone. If you really want to network, then the panel of judges is great for you. If you really do not know what to wear, then the runway itself is great for you. If you really just love food, then the free food is a great pull for you. I think the prizes and the food for a lot of people is going to be what brings them in but then also while they’re having fun, they’re still going to be getting educated,” said Lee.

The Career Services Fashion Show will be held Wednesday, Feb. 19, from 5 p.m.-6:30 p.m. in NHI2 Room 110 on the ASU Downtown Phoenix campus.

By Sam Stull


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