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Purposeful Style: Multi-Colored-Animal Headbands Making a Statement

By MacKinley Lutes-Adlhoch

Inspired by the idea of repurpose, Scottsdale resident Colin Jared founded fashion headband brand Multi-Colored-Animal (MCA). Jared creates unique headbands from recycled t-shirts to bring a fresh edge to purposeful style. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and

fully customizable, as well, for both the individual consumer and the wholesale buyer.

Jared began crafting his own headbands for playing recreational basketball and realized the best material to use was that of old t-shirts. This idea grew into a business venture when people started taking interest in the cool designs. MCA launched its website in 2016 and has been attending music festivals and artisan events since to bring its headbands to a fun audience.

Headbands on MCA’s site have styles that range from pictures of soaring eagles, famous

photographs and funny sayings. Anything you can find on a t-shirt is fair game for an MCA headband. Since the materials are recycled, each one is completely unique and the only one of its kind.

MCA not only stands for Multi-Colored-Animal but also for Music, Creativity and Art. Jared and his team work to support the artistic community and increase their network of creatively-driven people.

This year, MCA was selected as one of 19 brands chosen to participate in Phoenix Fashion Week’s Emerging Designer Bootcamp. The designs walked the runway this summer at the

Emerging Designers Fashion Show at Moxy Tempe. MCA will be hitting the runway again in October as Jared competes for Accessory Designer of the Year in Phoenix Fashion Week.

Keep up with Jared as MCA takes over the world of fashionable headbands by following @Multi_Colored_Animal on Instagram, @MCA_Headbands on Twitter and @Multi-Colored-Animal on Facebook.

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