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Put your makeup where your mouth is: Which lipsticks are best?

By Angelica Cabral

The struggle to find a long-lasting lipstick is a tale as old as time. We’ve all been there — an hour into an important event and we think our lipstick is looking great, only to take a look at our reflection and see that it has completely faded, or we take one sip from our drink and it all comes off.

So, I set out to find out what the best brand really is.

The first one is a deep, dark red, something I had been searching for for a while. I was excited to find it, especially since I absolutely love MAC, from the interesting lines they design (have you heard they’re releasing a Selena one?) to the fun names the lipsticks have (I have a pink one simply called Snob).

Dare You by MAC // Photo retrieved from MAC Cosmetics

Dare You by MAC // Photo retrieved from MAC Cosmetics

This one cost me about $16, but I had a Macy’s gift card, which works at the cosmetics desks as well! It lasts fairly long and looks really rich.

The next one is from a smaller brand, BH Cosmetics. I stumbled across it by accident and it changed my life. It lasts so ridiculously long that I actually have to make an effort to take it off eventually. It only costs $7, and is on sale for $3 right now!


Celebration by BH Cosmetics // Photo retrieved from BH Cosmetics

I asked around the community to see what brands other people liked and here’s what they had to say.


Smitten by Revlon // Photo retrieved from Revlon

“I bought this lipstick at CVS for $8 and it’s the best $8 I’ve ever spent.”

-Emily Mudge, freshman journalism major, Revlon Colorburst Balmstain

Boogie by Colourpop // Photo retrieved from Colourpop

Boogie by Colourpop // Photo retrieved from Colourpop

“The lipstick is great because not only is it a beautiful pop of color, but it lasts for several hours without needing to reapply it, even with eating and drinking. I love it for school because I can put it on and forget about it.”

-Lauren Barnes, freshman social work major, ColourPop Lippie Stix (this is also a vegan company!)


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