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Quadio, a New App for College Creatives

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

By Morgan Cole

A new app named Quadio is now a significant source for networking with college creatives across the United States, according to an ASU campus representative for Quadio.

Although the app launched at the end of October, the company was founded in 2018. Quadio has since then fostered a community of students who are creatives and artists.

Sadie Azersky, an ASU campus representative for Quadio, said that she has already benefited from working with the company in the short time that it has existed.

“Before the launch of the new app, I was part of one of the Summer Songwriting Clubs where I met an artist from Berklee School of Music in Boston,” Azersky said. “We ended up creating and releasing a song together.”

The following is a Q&A with Azersky.

How does the app work?

With the Quadio app, you can set up a profile where you can put where you go to school, what creative skills you have and what kind of artists you are looking to work with. Once you have created your account, you can share your work in a social media format. You can share photos, videos, audio clips, and links to your work. For example, if you release a song, Quadio is a great place to get the word out about it! It functions as another social media avenue for artists, where you can also follow people, and comment and “echo” posts (basically like retweeting). In addition, there is a part of the app to search for other creatives, with filters to see people’s skills, what they are looking for, and what school they go to. For example, if you are writing a song and you need a guitarist, you can use the “Guitar” filter for skills to pull up profiles of artists who could help you out. Or if you have a skill you want to offer, like if you are a graphic designer wanting to create cover art for a singer songwriter, you can use the “Graphic Design” filter to pull up accounts of people needing a graphic designer.

Why should students who aren’t musical artists care about this app?

Quadio is an app for all artists! Anyone who is a graphic designer, photographer, videographer, and more would benefit from networking on the app. For example, if you’re a graphic designer looking for work, downloading Quadio will give you a chance to connect with musicians around the country who may be looking for cover art. There are so many ways artists can work with one another. There is also an opportunity for those interested in music blogging and artist management to make connections with artists to work with and start gaining experience. It’s an app that can benefit anyone looking to go into the arts or work with artists in any way!

How exactly is ASU connected to Quadio?

The Quadio app is a way for student artists to connect with creatives on their campus and at colleges around the country. ASU is one of many schools on the app, so when a student makes an account, it will show them as an ASU student. They’ll be able to use a filter when searching for other accounts to show only ASU students, so that makes it easier to find artists in their community. They also have the option of looking for creatives from other schools around the country. This is especially useful if a student wants to start building a network in another city they potentially want to work in!

What do some of these events that you mentioned look like?

Some events that Quadio has created since its founding include Networking Nights, Weekend Songwriting Retreats, and Community Events at the Quadio Headquarters in New York City. During the pandemic, Quadio hosted a lot of virtual events and clubs virtually, so students all over the country could talk and make connections. Some of these clubs included songwriting clubs, production clubs, and visual arts clubs. Now with the launch of the new app, Quadio is going to start hosting events in person, including Quadio Studio Sessions, Songwriter Saturdays, and Networking Events in Nashville, NYC and Boston.

The Quadio app is now available in the app store, as well as Google Play for Android users. For more information on the app, go to


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