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Quality at a low price? A review of Shein

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

By: Riley Anderson

Many college students will aim for the cheapest option when it comes a majority of basic necessities. In the past few years, fast fashion manufacturers like Shein and Zaful have gained popularity in the college fashion due to low price and on-trend styles.

There are often mixed reviews about the quality of the products on these sites. I decided to test out some pieces from Shein to see if the items on this site are quality for the extremely low price. For the test I ordered a pair of pants, a tank top, a swimsuit and earrings. Here are my thoughts on all the items.

Pants: I absolutely love the pants. They are what I would describe as ski pant material. I will say the pants do feel cheap, but for the price they are super cute and comfortable. The pants were $12.00 and I ordered an extra small.

       What I received    The online picture


I think the pants look very similar to the online picture. In the picture, the pants seem to have thicker material, but in real life, the material is very thin and wrinkles easily. The belt does come attached to the pants, which is hard to tell from the picture.

Tank top: I really love the tank as well. It fits me good, it’s very simple and easy to pair with any item. The material is basic cotton and is comfortable. I paid $6.00 and I ordered a small.

What I received                                                                                The online picture


The tank does look slightly different in person than in the picture. The color is definitely different, it’s more of a mustard shade than light yellow. Also the material is very thin, where as the material in the picture seems to be thick.

Swimsuit: I was very surprised at how amazing the quality of the swimsuit was. I love it and it fit me super well. I paid $12.00 and got a small.

What I received                                                                          The online picture


To me the swimsuits look exactly the same and the material I received was very good quality. I would say the only thing you can’t tell from the online picture is that you tie the little middle knot yourself, it doesn’t come tied.

Earrings: I love the earrings as well. I wanted some cute little everyday studs and these are perfect for that. You can tell they are cheap, but when they’re on the ear, who really notices? I’ve been wearing them for a few days now and they haven’t caused any infections in my ears. I paid only $2.00 for the set.


Overall I think Shein is a fairly reliable website. The clothes I got were cute but definitely cheaper material. Everything I got fit me good and wasn’t damaged or unwearable. I think I will use this site again when I need to shop on a budget!


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