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Quarantine Transformations

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

By: Krush Sood

Everyone keeps saying that they are not the same person they were pre-quarantine. As the world slowly opens up again we can reflect at how being locked up for months affected us.

Out of all the drastic changes I would have to say my hair went through it during this time in isolation. Back in 2016, I had hair that went all the way down to my hips, but later that year I chopped it all off. I have had shoulder length hair from then on and haven’t done anything to my hair since.

Then quarantine hit and my hair became my new project. Due to the salons being closed I started to grow out my hair. So far it has grown six inches! I forgot how much I missed having long hair.

Being stuck in the house and knowing that I couldn’t see anyone sparked some inspo. To me, this meant I could change whatever I wanted about my appearance without the influence of others. To start, I had been playing around with the idea of straight across bangs.

Pre-quarantine, I asked some of my friends what they thought and EVERYONE was against it. Now, alone in the house, scissors in hand I decided, let’s do this!

Chop. Chop. Chop. I cut my bangs myself and it was easier than I thought. I took a small triangle section at the front of my hair and took a pair of kitchen scissors and snipped it off.

I started cutting slowly, going slightly higher and higher, making sure I didn’t cut too much. The key to this was holding the hair as close as possible to your face.

Did I like them? Yes and no. They were fun for two weeks, but I’ve been growing them out since then. They looked good, but the more I saw myself in the mirror it just wasn’t me and that’s fine.

Thank god I tried the bang look during quarantine, it gave me the opportunity to just chop off my hair and not think about what other people were going to say.

It didn’t stop there though. Quarantine was LONG and to fully take advantage of isolation, one haircut was not enough.

Next came the hair dye. I had been wanting to dye my hair for months but was worried about ruining the quality of my hair. I knew that no matter the outcome I still had months in isolation so at that point I just went for it.

I used Arctic Fox’s Wrath demi-permanent, deep red color. I have level nine hair, which means it is almost black, but I did not bleach my hair. Since my hair is so dark, I kept the dye in for 75 minutes. It came out gorgeous. I now have subtle red hair, you can only see it in the sun. It was definitely my favorite change during quarantine.

Now, I can’t even imagine changing it back.

Quarantine gave me an opportunity to fully be myself and make the transformations I wanted without the judgemental eyes of others.

If there is something in your life that you want to change, do it. It could be as simple as your hair or as complex as your mindset. Let this be a sign for you to better yourself. I promise you it’s so worth it because, finally, becoming the person you want to be is worth striving for.


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