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Rachel Zoe to launch two new lines

The Rachel Zoe Collection, which currently has shoes, bags and ready-to-wear, will have two new lines added to it in February, although designer Rachel Zoe is keeping them under wraps for now.

“I can’t say what they are yet. I’d have to kill you if I told you,” Zoe said in an LG promotion video.

The celebrity stylist turned reality star turned fashion designer is known for her “easy glamour” and although there is no word on what she is adding to her line, most are speculating it will either be in the denim, lingerie or eyewear category.

“I’m on my constant mission to create a lifestyle brand,” continues Zoe in her promotional video. “I want everything to be Rachel Zoe, head to toe.”

With the addition of her two newsletters, Zoe Beautiful and AccessZOEries, some are also thinking that the designer could be launching a beauty or accessories line.

The beauty newsletter consists of basic make-up and hair tips while the accessories newsletter showcases shoes, handbags and lots of jewelry.

We all know we wouldn’t mind effortlessly glam make-up and jewels from Zoe.

Zoe’s first collection was hugely successful. Fashionistas, critics and celebrities everywhere are looking forward to the new additions to her line this February.

Haley Buntrock


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