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Rainy Day Essentials

When I packed for college knowing that I would be living in Arizona, the thought of packing rain boots and umbrellas didn’t even cross my mind. After all, when does it ever rain in the desert? But believe it or not, even in Arizona there are rainy seasons that come two times a year: when cold fronts come from the Pacific Ocean during the winter and the monsoon season in the summer. Walking through campus, I noticed that many of us were not prepared for those rainy days. You don’t need to let the rain stop you from looking your best—here are the top three essentials you need for your closet for those rainy seasons.

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Photo By Serena Zhang

Waterproof Shoes

Don’t be afraid to sway from the classic rain boots. Invest in a pair of jelly shoes. They are not only trendy but also let your feet breathe.

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Photo Courtesy of ZooShoo

Lightweight Rain Jacket

Just because it rains doesn’t mean the Arizona heat disappears. A lightweight rain jacket is the way to go instead of a heavy trench coat.

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Photo Courtesy of Nordstrom

Waterproof Tote

On a rainy day, it is best to leave your Michael Kors bag at home and protect your books from getting wet by investing in a waterproof tote. This will ensure the safety of your computer and those notes you need for a big exam.

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Photo Courtesy of Lyst

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Story By Serena Zhang


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