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Rave style: The Arizona EDM scene and fashion

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

By: Megan Barbera

Stretched across Rawhide Western Town in Chandler, Arizona is a blurb of neon lights, glittery skies and individuals with rambunctious energy. Music is blaring throughout the desert town and people wearing outrageously bold clothing are dancing and smiling, interacting in the most unique ways.

Goldrush Music Festival was the Arizona rave scene in its glory. Late September in the desert is relatively hot, but comfortable enough for festival-goers to wear and act as they feel, with little sweat dripping from their faces.

The festival fashion in Arizona is incredibly interesting because of the extremely high temperatures. Anything goes in rave fashion, but the Grand Canyon State holds its own when it comes to festival threads.

Here are some fashion moments at Goldrush Music Festival that captivate the energy and vibrations from the individuals in the Arizona rave scene.


The dusty rose gold hair blending with a bold yellow outfit make for a look inspired by desert sunsets. This fan  (one of the more notable pieces I saw while at Goldrush) added a comical touch to what is a classic rave look.


These girls instantly captivated me because their outfits show the two different sides of rave fashion. The left outfit is an ode to current street style- checker print and cargo-like chaps are the embodiment of what streetwear fanatics are currently obsessing over. The right shows a simpler approach to rave fashion: metallic textiles and fun cutouts. Both looks are fit for a night of desert EDM.

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This was my friend and I’s take on rave fashion. On the left, my friend chose lace and fishnets to bring a more rustic and mature vibe to rave wear. I decided to take a more tomboy spin on festival fashion by pairing a cropped sports top with distressed shorts and boots.

Goldrush was a telling embodiment of the rave scene in Arizona. The weather gave festival goers an opportunity to freely experiment with their wardrobes without worrying about brutal heat. 

As months pass and the temperatures get lower, Decadence Arizona approaches. Decadence Arizona will be happening at the Rawhide Western Town on New Years Eve, guiding ravers into 2019 with sets from the likes of Skrillex, San Holo and Marshmello.

TheChicDaily will be covering how exactly Arizona ravers are going to dress for a cold night of fun while still staying true to the classic AZ rave looks!

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