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Recreating celebrity outfits

By Haley Wehner

As the chilly weather starts to loosen up and the sun shines a little more (at least in Arizona), let’s take some notes from celebrities as we decide how to dress for this in-between season that feels not quite like winter but not entirely like spring either.

There’s no denying that overalls are coming back, and hopefully they’re here to stay. Taylor Swift struts around the streets of New York City wearing a bold black pair of overalls styled with a crop top, bringing life back to the iconic ‘90s fashion piece.

Taylor Swift photographed on walking the streets of NYC

The look is edgy yet classy, and can be recreated for a just as attractive price. Brandy Melville sells a nice pair of overalls here, or you can even try scouting out some vintage ones from your local Goodwill.

An inexpensive crop top can be found from many stores like Forever 21 or H&M, and feel free to spice up the whole outfit by choosing any color or print of top. The pant legs will keep you warm while the crop top will let your skin breathe a little, making it the perfect go-to look for this constantly changing weather.

Finish off the look with a pair of black heeled boots and you look ready to take on the world… with flair.

Candice Swanepoel seen on

Speaking of crop tops, Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel pulled off a perfect example of how to master a glamorous yet sweetheart-looking outfit.

First, grab a Fuzzy cropped shirt, like this one from American Apparel.

The texture of this crop will actually keep you a little warmer, plus it makes a bold fashion statement without being overly eccentric.

Next, find the ultimate pair of mom jeans that flatter your body type. Goodwill and American Apparel are foolproof in the mom jean department.

Pull it all together with some of your favorite sandals or flats, and voila… you have mastered an outfit perfect for going to a cute coffee shop with your friends or for a date with your crush. And don’t forget your favorite pair of sunnies!

For a more timeless look, it never hurts to go with a jean jacket. As seen on Miranda Kerr, pairing a denim jacket with black and white goes a long way.

Miranda Kerr shows off a classic way to wear a jean jacket on

Start with a black skirt, like this one from Forever 21… you have lots of options to customize this piece; choose a button-up form-fitting skirt, a pleated style for a classier look, or a classic skater skirt to go more casual.

As for the top, you really have full reign here to recreate Kerr’s look. Depending on the occasion, pick a dressier blouse or a simple t-shirt (a band tee would be super cute here).

This outfit is exceptionally easy to layer with, which is perfect for this season. Add tights and boots for the chillier days, or show off your legs and throw on Converse when the sun’s out.

Finally, pull it all together with your favorite hat and handbag, and you’re all set.


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