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Scarf Style

Scarves are one of the easiest ways to stay warm in the fall while still expressing your personal style. They come in an array of colors and patterns that make styling any outfit for fall both fun and simple. Here are four looks I’ve put together to showcase how versatile scarves can really be!


photo 4

Dress up (or warm up) any basic tee with a colorful fall scarf. Scarves can make a basic outfit look that much more put together with almost no extra effort.


photo 3

Pair a printed scarf with a pair of black jeggings for a sleek yet simple look. Add a solid colored top and this easy look is complete.


photo 2 (2)

Accessorize your favorite dress with a pair of riding boots and of course, your favorite fall scarf. Throw on an oversized cardigan if you start to feel chilly.

Dressed Up

photo 1

Scarves make an excellent accessory for your favorite evening dress. Keep it simple with a solid scarf or mix and match with different prints and patterns.

Scarves can be a great addition to all of your favorite fall outfits. They can be worn with nearly everything in your closet to give any outfit a bit of a stylish boost!

Story and Photos By Jillian Carapella


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