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Scottsdale Fashion Week “Rev Up The Runway” Swim and Lingerie Night brings simplistic glam

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

By: Alexia Hill, Larisa May

As an Arizona native, Scottsdale is almost always associated with this one word to encapsulate the city: Luxurious. It’s only natural that the infamous Scottsdale Fashion Week (SFW) has carried the same illustrious sentiment for years in its productions.

This year, on Sept. 29, SFW hosted their second night of runway shows, “Rev Up The Runway.” Featuring designers both local and national, night two was a lingerie and swim-focused runway experience. And, it was quite the experience.

Hosted outside of Scottsdale Mercedes Benz, the show’s emcee was Carmen Kocourek, a model and public figure known for her time on Love Island USA season five. Kocourek wore a quarter-length sleeve black blazer over a black lingerie bralette, coordinated with black shorts, almost as a sneak peek to what was in store for the night.

Live music was performed by saxophonist Natty Rico, adding a relaxing yet lively ambiance between each designer’s set.

With a grand entrance to the runway of models hopping out of an SFW-branded van, the designer Story Essentials opened the show with risque, sexy lingerie sets. An Arizona, women-owned brand with the goal of giving every woman an ideal experience in finding her perfect bra, the designs consisted of: lace teddies, bra and underwear sets of satin and lace, slip dresses and a personal favorite of a black form-fitting dress with a cut-out on the chest and black sheer tulle flaring out at the bottom of the silhouette. 

The next designer was Sanctuary, a Los Angeles-based husband and wife duo, Ken and Deb Polanco. Similar to the one prior, these looks were very classic silhouettes. The collection was almost all neutral tones of black, whites and off-whites. Models flew by on the dimly-lit runway wearing sparkly dresses, satin cargo pants, mid-length slip dresses and a velvety-soft-looking blazer dress. These looks were very minimalist but could make for great professional staples to dress up or down. 

After Sanctuary, Cami and Jax, the Santa Monica-based swimwear brand, took to the runway. The collection featured an array of clean-cut one and two piece swimwear. Several of the designs featured long sleeves, a feature not commonly seen in swim shows. The color palette of the set was vibrant, with bold blues, pinks, and greens catching the audience’s eyes. Beach balls that were thrown off the runway by models also caught the audience’s attention, and were then tossed around by attendees, adding a layer of whimsy to the show. 

Yandy’s collection remained true to the brand’s lingerie roots and left little to the imagination with a large collection of minuscule swimsuits, perfect for sweltering Arizona summers. The collection also featured a few one-piece items, with various cut-outs and unique outlines. Models flowed down the runway in a variety of different colors and patterns, but leopard print stole the show, making up a majority of the printed designs.

Rev up the Runway certainly revved up Scottsdale crowds and did a great job highlighting the details of each collection. All in all, the most important elements of a runway show experience are the location, lighting, production, music and, of course, the designs. Scottsdale Fashion Week lived up to its name of luxurious and timeless designers but still has endless potential for growth. To keep up to date with Scottsdale Fashion Week make sure to follow their Instagram and check out their website

Photos by: Maxito Salcedo, courtesy of SFW, Fordrba, SteveLevine Entertainment

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