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Seven Days of Hair and Makeup Tips

When I wake up, I want my hair and makeup to look perfect. But sometimes I am not quite sure what to do. Here are some hair and makeup tips for everyday of the week to ease your morning frustrations.


Let’s start with Monday. Start the week off strong, and go for the power look. That means bold makeup and curled hair.  The best way to draw attention to your makeup is with a bright, fun lip color. You can never go wrong with a strong red or a flirty pink. Put on some brown eyeshadow just on your lids and blend it in. Make sure your makeup isn’t too harsh for a Monday. You don’t want to look like you’re going to a party instead of to class.


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Now that Monday has been conquered, you can begin to lighten the hair and makeup a little. Just put your hair in a braid for an effortlessly cute look.


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It is Wednesday and you are starting to feel like the week is dragging on. So keep it plain and simple. Let your hair do whatever it wants, whether it be curly, straight, flat, or wavy, just go with it. Play your eyes up with a doe shadow style, then nude or baby pink lips.


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You can feel the weekend getting closer, so prepare by experimenting your hair and makeup. Curl your hair and add volume. Play up your eyes and lips with color. Have fun, it’s almost Friday!


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Friday is finally here! Time to show your best look of the week. I do this by making it simple and casual for casual Fridays. Sometimes being simple is the best way to draw attention. Put your hair up in a cute bun. Keep your makeup simple. If you want to dress up a little bit, put three coats of mascara on. It will make your eyes look bold.


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This is by far my favorite day of the week because you can rock two looks in one day. Start casual and without a lot of makeup. Just play up the colors on your cheeks and lips with pink. Then when the nighttime comes around have fun with dark bold colors. Throw on some dark lipstick and darken your eye shadow.  Do you hair any way that makes you feel the most confident and embrace it. Have fun with it, it’s Saturday, time to show your best look of the week.


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest


 After a long week of doing your hair and makeup, let’s make this day dedicated to doing little to nothing. Put on a little cover up and some tinted chapstick. This is the day to look cute with less makeup and hairspray. Throw on a little headband, bow or flower in your hair for a lazy Sunday. Just be natural and do you!


Photo by Kassey

By: Kassey Frazier


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