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Shawls and Champagne at The Clothing Bar by One Vogue

Drinks, treats and a warm welcome were the perfect mix for yet another Shawl Dawls soiree. Hosted at The Clothing Bar by One Vogue, guests were greeted by Dawls as they were treated to wine and champagne. Visitors mingled as they shopped around for the latest shawls for this season.

Shawls and Champagne

Opening their doors on November 23rd, The Clothing Bar by One Vogue offers great designer styles both for men and women.

“Our style is chic and sophisticated,” said owner John Pryor proudly describing the up and coming hotspot for fashionistas. The Clothing Bar provides over 40 different designer brands along with affordable prices for everyone.  With every visit, customers receive a gift card for discounts on future purchases!

Great things are on their way for the Clothing Bar, as their installations provide great potential for the ultimate fashion experience for customers. Motivated and driven, The Clothing Bar by One Vogue is full of great ideas for future locations, with features such as salon chairs, custom fitting areas, along with a location for white wine, champagne, Voss Water and many more.

For more information on The Clothing Bar by One Vogue, and to find out what’s coming next from them check out their website or like them on Facebook at

The Clothing Bar by One Vogue is located at: 10830 N. 71st Place Suite 101 in Scottsdale, Az.

Cindy Castillo

Photo Credits: Cindy Castillo

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