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She Shoots from Downtown: Basketball Game Fashion

The fluorescent lights beat down on the glossy hard wood floor where top basketball stars prepare to take the stage.  As the referees prepare for tip-off, fans anticipate a night full of jump shots and slam-dunks. The game plan consists of each player battling one-on-one for the ball, while fans battle one-on-one for the best game attire. Although players may miss the mark, your outfit does not have to. You can look cute and still be comfortable while attending a game consisting of hoops and sweat.

Here are few outfits that will allow you to achieve that three-point look every time.


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 A neutral sweater, dark-wash jeans, and tan boots paired with an infinity scarf in your team’s colors make for a casual outfit perfect for sitting courtside.

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A jean jacket, a loose-fitted wool sweater, black high-waisted jeans, and white Converse topped off with a black scarf achieves a sensible outfit that ensures you will not foul out of the game.


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 You’ll hit nothing but net with this off-the-shoulder sweatshirt, colored jeans, and ballet flats!

A loose-fitted shirt paired with a jean jacket or purple pants and a scarf supporting your favorite basketball team create those laid-back outfits that will upset your opponent every time. Be sure to add your own trick plays in the form of accessories to ensure a unique outfit. You can always come out victorious as long as you wear an ensemble that reflects your style. As long as you feel confident, your outfit will always be a slam-dunk.

By: Shelby Hyde


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