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Shoesday Tuesday: Birkenstocks…hot or not?

Birkenstocks… hot or not?

As I was researching the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week last fall, I could have predicted that some of the hippie-esque, chunky looking 90’s accessories were going to come back in full swing.

One thing I could not have predicted however, was the controversy about whether Birkenstock sandals are fashion forward in 2015, or something to be left in the past.

For those of you who do not have an image when I mention the brand name “Birkenstock”, here are a few examples of the sandals causing some trend-based arguments.



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With this being a topic with such diverse opinions overall, I asked around to see what some of our peers thoughts about the shoes.

“Well I don’t think they are ugly, but I don’t think they are very fashion forward either. They just appear to be very bulky to me and lack style”. -Owen Baldner

“They’re not really cute, but they’re super comfortable so what’s the problem? Just don’t wear them with socks”. -Kat Chapman

“I think some people can make them work, but I personally don’t believe I am one of those people, so I would never buy them”. -Allison Bailey

“I’ve always been a fan of chunky, somewhat masculine shoes (like Doc Martins) and Birkenstocks kind of fill that role in sandal form. I love my Birks! Comfiest shoes I own”. -Sierra Theobald

Now whether or not you like this trend hitting full speed, it’s happening one way or another. There are various brands, stores and even online shops coming forward with similar styles (I already own two pairs from Kohl’s). These options have a much lower price tag than Birkenstocks, which can run from around $89 to $130 depending on style and material choice. If you want some I suggest going to They have Birkenstock-inspired styles for a college budget price.

Here are some of their options:


Now, if you are no for the Birkenstock trend, I promise you like most fashion trends,

it’ll go just as fast as it came!

What are your thoughts on Birkenstocks? Post or comment below! Thanks for reading, and walk fabulously my friends!

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Article by Courtney Mally


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