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Shoesday Tuesday: Chilly Climate Edition

This winter has been unbelievably long, and hard to endure for basically the entire country besides here in the Valley. So, if you’re preparing to bear the cold (like me!) when you go on vacation for spring break, here are some of my favorite options to keep those feet looking good and staying warm.

UGG Australia Boots:

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Now, I know that it seems typical to wear UGG boots during the winter. I didn’t think the brand or label really mattered in the past, until I had a pair of my own. Although these boots are on the more expensive side, the quality is worth the cost. These boots are versatile, very warm, and last for years. I’d say worth the price tag for sure!


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If UGGs are not your style, here is another option. These booties have a nice heel and a thick sole for good traction while walking in the snow or rain. They are also versatile and can transition nicely into your fall wardrobe. They are also on sale at Kohl’s right now! So if you want them, act fast!

Knee High Boots:

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If the bootie style shoe is not your style or you feel the short height is not flattering on your body, this classic knee high style boot is the perfect snow day style! These boots also have a nice heel and can be paired with soft and thick socks to keep your toes warm all day long in the cold. These boots are also on sale at Target, and come in a variety of colors!

I hope this helped pick out some possible style options for enduring the cold!

Thanks for reading, and walk fabulously my friends.

Article by Courtney Mally


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