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Shoesday Tuesday: Music to our Feet

One of the great things about college is the freedom to go anywhere and do anything you want, whenever you want. Hungry at 1 a.m.? Go to In-N-Out! Don’t have class? Have a movie marathon in your room! Want to go to a concert in the middle of the week? Go right ahead (especially if it’s free!).

My roommate and I are quite often participants in random activities during the week, especially in regards to concert attendance. Between the two of us, we have attended ten or more concerts since the beginning of the semester.

Depending on the genre of music, there is a different dress code for each show. So, I asked her to lay out her favorite outfits to wear to concerts, including the best shoes to wear.

IMG_7086_2 (1)


“Most of the concerts I have attended my seats were either general admission or on the floor so I had to choose shoes that were more function rather than fashion,” Kat Chapman said.

The balance between the girly skater skirts and the more masculine tennis shoes like these Converse or Keds creates a put-together functional outfit that allows for the perfect concert experience. It is never ideal to be adjusting your clothes all night, or not being able to dance to your favorite song because your feet are in pain.

Here are a few examples of outfits and shoe options for concerts from my closet.


These sandals not only can dress up any outfit for a night out, but they are perfect for a person who does not want to be on a crowded floor for a concert. These sandals do not have a heel so you can still rock out to your favorite tunes, but this option is definitely more fashion than function.


These boots would be fitting for either seats on the floor, or for watching up in the stands. I personally would wear these boots to a country concert, as they can add a little bit of country flare to any ensemble and are comfortable for dancing and standing for prolonged amounts of time.

What are your favorite shoes to wear to concerts? Post or comment below! Thanks for reading, and walk fabulously my friends.

Story and Photos By Courtney Mally


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