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Shoesday Tuesday: Nike edition

Ok, bear with me on this one… I was doing some online window-shopping this weekend, and I just couldn’t help but notice a trend that I don’t understand. When it comes to workout shoes, the more flamboyant, and honestly verging on obnoxious, shoes were the most expensive ones. Now, I understand that we live in a wonderful time that wearing workout clothes and shoes can be an everyday look. However, this is going much too far.


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This is the Roshe style, which has become very popular in recent months, and is priced at $80. Not too bad, and these could be used as a pop of color in any cute and functional outfit.

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Now, this pair is customizable so it is understandable that the cost would go up to $135. For quality, custom shoes, the price is not going to be cheap. Again, this style of Nike is the perfect combination of comfortable and cute. Pair it with the right skirt and t-shirt, and you have street style perfection!

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Now, this is where things get a little hazy for me… This pair of shoes is priced at $180. I have never really been a fan of the whole wedge-sneaker concept, but with the rigid texture and contrast between the black and white, this shoe is really not selling itself. Why would someone pay almost $200 for a pair of heels that essentially look like baseball cleats? Maybe this is just a style disagreement between the rest of the world and myself, but I really do not understand.


This trend is actually more prominent in men’s shoes. And, it is understandable. In general, men have at most anywhere from three to five pairs of shoes, so it makes sense they are willing to spend more money for a quality shoe that will last them a long time.

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This skateboarding shoe is priced at $115. Not too bad for a quality and versatile pair of shoes. This grey can be dressed down with a simple t-shirt and jeans, and could be dressed up with a button down and nice jeans for a cool, but still casual look.

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Now, leopard print is my favorite pattern so I can appreciate when a man is bold enough to try something like this. These Roshe style Nike’s are priced at $155. Now, as I said before, for a quality versatile shoe, $155 isn’t a terrible price point. But, I don’t understand why this same style costs $75 more than the women’s Roshe. Yes, the materials are different, but the style and support for the foot are the same? One of the many mysteries of the fashion world I suppose…

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This pair of Nike’s cost $245. They are customizable, so that could add some price fluctuation. However, I do not understand how a man could wear these? Or work out in them? I just feel that over $200 for a snakeskin tennis shoe is too much… The strap, laces and logo placement are all very distracting to create a very VERY busy shoe for a very unreasonable price point. Maybe one of you guys can explain this trend to me? Post or comment below.

Thanks for reading! Walk fabulously my friends.

Article by Courtney Mally


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