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Shoesday Tuesday- Sun Devil Pride on Game day

Game day in college is just as important, if not more, than any exam or lab day. I know football season is heading toward its end, however, there is still basketball and baseball, along with other sporting events that deserve spectators to look their best in the stands. So, here are a few examples as to how to put some finishing touches on your game day look with the perfect shoe-sock combination.

Photo by Courtney Mally

These socks were purchased at Cactus Sports here in Tempe, AZ. The maroon not only compliments the stripe on the Converse, but these socks tie the whole outfit together, in addition to keeping my feet warmer as the temperatures drop throughout the night. The perfect combination of spirited-style and comfort!

Photo by Courtney Mally

Now, here is the same concept of the previous spirited-style. These socks were also purchased at Cactus Sports. However, the high-top style of the shoe along with thecolor and pattern on the shoe give this sock-shoe combination a cooler, more street-style-esque feel.

Photo by Courtney Mally

Now, this third look I love. It is a little quirky, but still totally in-style and has our school colors. This shoe-sock combination is the perfect example for a college student wanting to support our team but still keeping their originality and personal style in the mix.

I hope this helped inspire some more crazy shoe-sock combinations as we head further into our more chilly weather! What is your favorite thing to pair with crazysocks? Thanks for reading! Walk fabulously my friends.

Photos and Article by Courtney Mally


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