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Shoesday Tuesday Week 2

Even though fall weather in Arizona only means temperatures being in the mid-to- upper 80’s as opposed to being in the scorching triple digits, I was still inspired to ask around to see what some people around Taylor Place like wearing for the fall season and why. I spoke with some people on my floor, and this is what they said:

Allison Bailey: “My army boots are my favorites. I have both black and brown. I have brown because I feel they match the colors of fall, and I have black boots because they make me feel edgy and unstoppable”.

Photo By Courtney Mally

Sierra Theobald: “Depending on my mood, I have both Doc Martins or cowgirl boots. Doc Martins make me feel edgy, and my cowgirl boots go with outfits when my mood is more girly”.


Photos by Courtney Mally

Sydney Abeyta: “Combat boots are my favorite. They’re so classic because you can wear them over jeans and suddenly you have the fall look, it’s so easy”.

Owen Baldner: “I like my Pumas because they’re comfortable and are functional for any type of weather in addition to complimenting my personal style”.

Photo By Courtney Mally

Atlan Hassard: “Blue high top Converse. They’re my favorite shoes any time of the year, because they’re awesome”.

Photo by Courtney Mally

Ciara Archer: “I thoroughly enjoy close-toed fabric pumps. You can wear them with a lot things and they keep your toes warm (in this “terrible” AZ cold), and you can dress them up or down”.

Photo by Courtney Mally

Article by Courtney Mally


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