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Shoesday Tuesday Week 3

As of late, there have been a lot of professional opportunities coming my way. Between interviews for internships, or going to mixer events businesses and high-profile professionals, there is one thing that is crucial: looking and carrying myself as a professional, not just some college kid.

So, I thought I would walk through how shoes can truly complete an outfit, and help you stand and walk tall.

I knew I wanted to wear this gorgeous dress from J.Crew because the shape and style is quite flattering for my body, and it is modest enough for a business setting. I was having such a difficult time deciding whether or not I should wear heels, so I initially tried on a pair of flats.


As you can see the flats are much too casual and do not compliment my legs, making them look much shorter than they actually are.

So I then switched to heels. Since it’s still so warm here I figured I would try some of my favorite open-toed summery, but still dressy shoes.



Although the heels were much more becoming and lengthened for my legs, as I was trying them on, I realized that open-toed shoes might not be professional enough for an interview or meeting. Some companies even have dress codes that do not allow open-toed shoes.

Then I finally found the shoes that could be the winning pair!


And they were! These shoes are perfect for a business setting. The heel is not too high, and they are comfortable to walk or stand in for long periods of time. I feel that the ankle strap and shape of the shoe compliments the style of the dress, giving it a more classic look, which I love.

I then added some finishing touches: A cardigan just in case the building was cold, and some extra sparkle with earrings and bangles in addition to the pearls I was already wearing.


So, here it is! This is how to construct the perfect interview or business meeting outfit. I honestly cannot wait until I dress like this with fabulous heels on a regular basis.

What is your favorite outfit or item to wear for an interview? Post or comment below. Thanks for reading, and walk fabulously!

Story and Photos By Courtney Mally

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