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Slope Style

Nowadays, skiing isn’t just for exercise. The snowy slopes have now turned into an icy catwalk! Check out some of the looks below to see how to be a stylish snow bunny this winter season.

Look 1: Snowboard Chill

Snowboarders never shy away from a jump or a trick on the slopes, so it only makes sense that their fashion sense would be all about standing out. The typical trend seems to be boarders mixing and matching strong prints and bright colors to create a unique look. A checkered jacket looks cool when paired with bright blue pants and a fun hat and gloves.

Look 2: Classic Skier

The old rivalry between snowboarders and skiers never seems more real than when comparing their fashion on the slopes. While snowboarders love the bright colors and wacky prints, skiers like to keep it more traditional by wearing neutral colors on their top and bottom, and letting soft furs and sleek gear do the accessorizing.

Look 3: Après-Ski

After a long, hard day on the slopes, few things feel better than kicking back at the lodge with a cup of hot chocolate and recapping the day’s highs and lows. An oversized Christmas sweater and stretchy leggings are just what the doctor ordered to recover from a chilly workout. Warm socks and a cozy scarf are the perfect top-offs to a cute outfit and a great day.

Of course, all skiers and snowboarders don’t follow these exact fashion styles when hitting the mountain. But whether they do or not, you can be sure that the fashion of each person you meet on the slopes will be as unique and different as the snowflakes falling on them!

Ellen Kuni

Photo Credits: Polyvore// Polyvore// Polyvore // Ellen Kuni


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