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Sneak Peak of the Uncertainty Fashion Show

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

By Lauren Lippert

Arizona State University’s Uncertainty fashion show is a year-long process to showcase the work of the Herberger Fashion Institute. What goes on behind the scenes is a lot more then what the average audience member sees.

For student producer Kanyata Hathaisarn, plans for the show began the summer of 2019 where she began to recruit students and put together mood boards. From there, the production team and Hathaisarn confirmed the venue, Scottsdale Fashion Square, and began the model casting.

“I’m really excited, there’s still a lot to do, but I’m super excited,” Hathaisarn said. “I’ve been working on this for the past few months so I’m super excited to see its final.”

Hathaisairn said she took part in last year’s show, as a junior, where she was “assistant to the student in charge” and wanted to continue to be apart of the show this year. 

With hopes of working for Vogue or IMGE as an event coordinator, Hathaisarn saw Uncertainty as an opportunity to practice her event skills.

Inspired by the first show three years ago, Uncertainty earned its name because of how “uncertain” specific details were Hathasairn said, but that has changed. The fashion institute also partners with the School of Music and Penrose Academy for hair and makeup.

“I think it’s really important that we included as many students as we can because this is an ASU event and we want to include and be seen as apart of the school of arts,” Hathaisarn said.

During the final week of prep for the show, Hathasairn has been putting together the after-party and emailing last-minute details to the designers and models about their call times.

The after-party is going to be a meet and greet with the designers and a bunch of photo opportunities Hathasairn said.

According to signed model, Faith Blackshear found Uncertainty through Instagram and liked the fact that it was “attached” to her school and allows her to have a “sense of community in the fashion world” with students similar to her.

Blackshear started modeling three years ago and is prepping for the show by stepping up her skincare and gaining more experience as a model.

“To prepare for the show, I’ve been stepping up my skincare game to make sure it’s beautiful for the show,” Blackshear said. “I’ve also been gaining more and more experience as we get closer to the show so I’m ready to kill it on the runway.”

For designer Christian Sol, he was inspired to create his line “Refraction” in New York City when he had an internship with a couture pattern maker and atelier. He knew he wanted to challenge his “design aesthetic” and his topic did just that.

“Refraction,” meaning the process of light bending one medium of density to another is inspired by the main color focus of white with the “ intentional use of rainbow,” Sol said.

“The collection is an ode to LGBT culture and ties in the idea of androgyny and genderless clothing by incorporating elements of the culture that isn’t overtly gay but hints at it,” Sol said.

According to Sol, the process of designing his own line has taught him that, “it’s never too early to start” and self-discipline is key.

“When making a schedule double the time you think you’ll need because shit happens and you have to be prepared for it,” Sol said. “I also learned that you HAVE to have self-discipline or you’ll never finish in time.”

See Kanyata, Faith, and Christian at The Uncertainty fashion show at Scottsdale Fashion Square on March 7 at 4 p.m. To get tickets, go here.


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