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Something New, Shop Olive You: A Fashion Parlor.

When I first walked by Shop Olive You at Vista del Sol in Tempe, the first thing I noticed was the fashionable mannequins displayed in the shop’s window. My eyes wandered to the mannequin dressed in a maroon and gold tank top with “FORK YOU” written on the front. I chuckled and thought, what a fun and different way to show ASU spirit! The awesome tank was not the only item that caught my attention… fashionable dresses, shorts and holiday apparel also made my fashion senses tingle. The store lured me in immediately.

photo 2

As I walked into the boutique, I noticed the chic interior of the store. Black and white striped wallpaper covered the walls, and colorful pieces of clothing were neatly hung in a way that made browsing easy. Why haven’t I shopped here before?! I soon found out it was because Shop Olive You: a fashion parlor just had their grand opening November of this year.

photo 4

The boutique was established by two ASU students, Michele Tranberg, a 2006 graduate and her sister, Taylor Kerley, a sophomore arts studies major. The two fashion-loving sisters created a boutique with some unique characteristics. The boutique only carries six pieces of each item of clothing and when the six pieces are gone, you are out of luck. New items are constantly arriving, which means customers will never get bored of their selection. And finally — my favorite — nothing in the store is over $50!

“We are bargain hunters, so we want our customers to be able to be bargain hunters like us here at our store,” Tranberg said.

photo 3

The sisters’ styles are very different. Kerley said she couldn’t live without her Jeffrey Campbells, and Tranberg needs her Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors bags. The items at the boutique reflect these different styles. The store carries simple basics like crop tops, bandeaus, and jeans but it also has daring pieces, like printed maxi dresses, striped overalls and jeweled shorts. The shop also carries bold accessories.

“We wanted to offer chic options for diverse styles,” the sisters said. “Shop Olive You is meant to be an extension to every girl’s closet!”

photo 1

The boutique is located on the shopping strip of Vista Del Sol, close to sorority housing, several dorms, and many off-campus student apartments, making it easy for us fashionable ASU girls to pick up a cute outfit for a bargain. The boutique will also offer contests, giveaways, and flash sales sporadically and will notify the public of these through social media.

By: Serena Zhang


Paseo shops at Vista del Sol

671 East Apache blvd

Tempe, AZ 85281

(right next to Campus Wal-Mart)

Store Hours:

Mon-Sat 11am-8pm

Closed during regular university vacation dates


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